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Social Networking Facility
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You can network with your friends before they even join allows you to create your own social network on the site. You can send emails to your external friends from within the site. When they join, you will be notified and asked if you would like them to join your social network. When you approve this, their photo will appear on your members control page where you can access their profile. You will be notified when your friends are online or if they are trying to contact you.

This unique facility and Skype gives you a powerful social organiser that makes the ThaiLovelines Dating experience more enjoyable and successful. Send emails to people you know but would like to get to know better. Get their email and let do the work for you.

The more conventional use of this facility is to invite existing members of to join your social network. To do this, go to the long profile of each member as shown and look for the 'Add Friend' button to invite this member to join your social network.

There are two other key benefits of this facility:

  1. The member you invite will receive an invitation to join your network and will be alerted to your interest.
  2. As a member of your social network, you will be notified if they join the site while you are online as well as other prompts.

This facility is presently a Standard member feature so everyone can use to build a social network.

You can aslo use this facility in the following ways:

  • To build a list of friends before you upgrade to Premier and contact them by email and Instant Messenger.
  • To make initial contact with members you are interested in. they will receive an email alerting them to your invitation.
  • As a Standard member you may use this as a more convenient 'favourites list' where you can see your key friends on your screen at any one time and be alerted if they join the site.


(Above) You can invite friends to join and network with you on They will appear on your Social Network within your Members Control page. (Below)Simply fill in your friends email address here and you can also leave a short message to your friends. This starts the process.
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