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Social Networking on Thailand's No.1 Dating Site
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Build your Social Network to begin serious friendships

Developing your own Social Network is easy, fast and fun. Your Social Network is a collection of other friends on ThaiLoveLines that are interested in getting to know you better.

You can invite friends from users online or from their dating profiles to join your Social Network. They can accept or reject. As a member of a friend's Social Network you can invite them to post a Photo Gallery. If you are both a Social Network friend and a Favorite, you can invite them to post Private Photos. Read more about Photo Galleries and Private Photos here.

You can invite friends outside the site to join your Social Network and they will be automatically added when they join. Also you will receive popup alerts when friends join and leave the site. You can also visit your Social Network centre where you can make contact with your network friends and see others online and coming online. Here you can view photos and access photo galleries placed by friends and dating partners.You may also request your friends to upload photo galleries and private photos. They will be notified of these invitations.

Here's how Social Networking works:

  • Click the Add Friend button on a friend's extended dating profile or the pink plus icon (shown here above) to invite another member to join your Social Network.
  • You may invite other members using the plus icon while their profiles or online or they are active on the Chat Online lists.
  • You can accept Social Network invitations from members online by clicking the Social Network affirm icon (shown here above) or if the member is offline, you will see a list of Social Network invitations which you may affirm or reject.
  • You will find this list of invitations at the bottom of your Members Control Centre.
  • When a friend is added to your Social Network you may view their Social Network also and from here request photo galleries or private photos. Note: you need to be a Favorite to request Private Photos.
  • Once you invite a friend to join your Social Network, an e-mail is sent both internally on ThaiLoveLines to your E-mail Centre and to your external e-mail account. If your invitation is accepted, another e-mail is sent informing you of the acceptance.
  • You can view your own Social Network from your Members Control Centre or from your Mailbox, Online and News Wall pages. Here you can upload your own galleries or private photos.
  • On your Social Network you can see how many profiles are online at the moment. You will also see all your Social Network members with key contact buttons including an online now indicator so you can see which of your Social Network members is online.
  • Here you can also see the latest members online or who is available for Chat right now. This is a dynamic facility.
  • You can also tune into our internet radio partner, the International internet radio station from Bangkok which is now listened to by over 100,000 listeners each month with listeners in nearly every country on the planet. Many of these are also ThaiLoveLines members!You can listen and also see what's playing. Hitz Bangkok plays 60s,70s, 80's, Pop and Top 40 targeted at a 25-55 year old market. also features 24 hour live news coverage provided by CBS Radio News from New York.

Key issue about Social networks

  • You can remove any member of your Social Network by clicking the Social Network icon. You can also do this from any Social network members profile.
  • We recommend that you use your Social Network as a pool of new friends on ThaiLoveLines which you can gradually translate into a list of favorites.
  • You may invite external contacts to the site to join you on ThaiLoveLines and on your Social network from an Invite Friends button on the Social Network panel of your Members Control Centre
  • You may view the Social Networks of other Social Network members and even invite some of their members to join you.
  • You should use Social Networking in conjunction where our Make the News facility and New Wall.
  • Use Make the News together with our Photo Galleries to build up a stronger online presence on ThaiLoveLines and generate a stronger rapport with friends online.
  • If you see a ^ Under Review symbol (shown above here), this means that the other member has received your invitation and has not responded yet.
  • When you remove a Social Network member (see above), we do not send a notification.
  • You can view the Social Network of one of your friends by clicking the Social Network symbol which is displayed on the Online now and Chat online lists. You can also do this by clicking the Social Network button on third party Social Networks.
  • To remove a Social Network member click the Social Network button on your own Social Network panel or go to the members profile and find the Remove Friend button.
  • If you receive external e-mails regarding your Social Network to your external e-mail account, you can login from there. You will also find your ThaiLoveLines login details listed at the bottom of the e-mail together with opt out options. Also, please be sure that your e-mails are white listed for ThaiLoveLines. One way to do this is to add ThaiLoveLines to your list of contacts.
  • From your Social Network panel, you may view a friends dating profile.
  • You can see which of your friends are online from an online indicator on your Social Network panel. From this you can also activate your IM Chat window for live chat.
  • When you see a Social Network affirmative symbol (shown here above) this shows a member who has already invited and approved you for Social Networking purposes. Simply click to confirm and join his/her Social Network.
  • You can add favorites from your Social network panel but you cannot remove existing favorites from here. You do this by going to the Favorites list and using the Remove Favorites button.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance with Social Networking on ThaiLovelines. Also your comments and suggestions are always welcome and highly valued. Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

(Above)There are four key symbols for Social Networking on the Online Now list and Chat Online. These are Add/Invite to your Social network, Under consideration, Accept Invitation and View Social Network of existing friends. You will find all invitations, access to your social network and the Invite external friends button at the bottom of your Members Control Centre. You can listen to (and see playlist from your Social Network panel. You can also see the latest friends or members available onsite for chat or just logged in. You can also see current Social network friends online, open Chat windows and use other contact facilities from your Social network friends panel. (Below) You can access galleries of Social Network friends and contacts from the Social Network panel and invite friends to upload photo galleries or private photos.
(Above) Add friends to your Social Network and remove them by clicking on their extended profile. You can also do this from your Social Network panel by clicking the small Social network button. All invitations and acceptances are accompanied by external e-mails. Remember to make sure your mail from ThaiLoveLines is secure by adding ThaiLoveLines to your Contacts list. At the bottom of all e-mails there are opt out options together withyour login details in case you forget. You can invite friends external to the site to join your Social network and they will be added automatically when they join.

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