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those who love me will be happ 
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Personal Message
I love the ocean and music,seeig live bands, especially at festivals. I regconise my health and all the gifts that I have been dealt, feelings that I have and things that I think that I know. Places that I have roamed, people that I have met. Some connections are strong and some a little weak. 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or maybe 5 or 6 or more are as strong as the roots of a big old gum tree and will carry me through to next life I see. I will be kind as I have luck on side.Being born into a family with food in my belly and a car for us to drive. If people go chances are they'll come again and if they come chances are they'll go again. So I will be mellow, let it flow and let lt bend as I will see them somewhere at the end. The ocean connects me to everything I know mellowing my mind so that my heart it can call. I sit by my window with everthing I've done. Doors that I've opened and webs that I've spun. The candle beside me burns to the left. I hope there will be a day when I hold a woman again with my arms spread out so my chest she can rest. I can write you a letter with everhing I know about the weight of the world and the way things could go. We have to give up my friend and step back again. For somethings will be given. For somethings we'll have to bend. We'll have bend my friend to hold on to this. For somethings will come easy and some will be a test. So now come sit down will you and talk with me now. Let me see through your eyes where there is so much life. We are biding our time for these myths to unwind these changes we will confront. With each gift that we share we may heal and repair. With each choice that we make we may help someones day. Well I know you are strong, may your journey be long and now I wish you the best of luck
Dennis (174551) describes himself as Adventurous, Sensual and Warm hearted. His outlook on life is Optimistic, Traditional and Spiritual and his goals are Serenity, Family and Knowledge. He likes to hang out with Cultured people, Average or Creative people and he enjoys eating Thai, Indian and Health foods food. He prefers to listen to Blues, Reggae and Folk music. His main hobbies include Outdoors, Travel and Boating and his favourite sports are Water sports, Swimming and Soccer.
Personal Details
Age: 58
Astrology sign: Gemini
Region: New South Wales, Australia
City/Town: Wollongong
Seeking: Long-term
Height: 5'7" (169cm)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Appearance: Attractive
Religion: Buddhist
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Smoker: Average
Drinking: Yes sometimes
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Yes
Education: College Grad
Employment: Full-time
Income: 61 - 80k
Last Visited: 30/03/2019
Describe who you are looking for
I am looking for a: Females
Aged between :20 - 40
Smoker :Average
Relationship :Long-term
Height between : 4'0" (122cm) - 7'7" (230cm)
Appearance :Attractive
My ideal match :
You know what I'm looking for from a woman is I really do want a woman to come and take my hand and help me understand, and lead me to my peace. I want a woman to be the one that holds the key to change. I want to be sure when they whisper in my ear. I want her to be the one to chase away my fears. On my journey I want to be proud of what I see and the love for her and her me and I want her to help me feel complete.

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