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Being online regularly and using a systematic approach is quicker in the long run

This page is design to assist members to use this site to maximise the response to their profile with the goal of finding short-term or long-term partner.

10 Tips for Success in finding that special loved one on

  1. Use the Male/Female Search Facility and Ladies or Men's Gallery to go look for interesting members and check out new members on a regular basis.
  2. Use the Flirt System: Send flirts to any member you may be interested in meeting. Use this facility as a test or 'expression of interest' before proceeding further. Send flirts to as many people as possible.
  3. Use the E-mail Centre to maximum effect. This facility together with Instant Messenger are presently the key tools. Develop a number of good e-mails to send to members. Remember, the system keeps a copy of all e-mails sent and received. Don't forget to mention when you're next online so that they can meet you. Put headings on your E-mails: When sending e-mails to other members, take care to put good subject headers. These are often read first whereas the e-mail itself may not. Subject: Would you like to meet me online? Avoid terms like 'Hi' or 'Hello'.
  4. Be systematic and persistent. Not only will you get more response but you will find the quality of those you are talking to will go up. Regular visitors on the site are more interested in meeting a loved one and also more likely to be sincere. Also fully brief yourself on how all aspects of the site's workings. Begin making contacts with a wide variety and number of other users before developing a smaller favorites list for regular contact.
  5. Use our Meet your Match service: This is a very effective way of making new friends online while also getting to know other users you might be interested in. An additional benefit of this is you get a chance to find out if they are interested in you also. Click the Meet your Match facility and rate other members, who might be of interest to you, based on their photo and profile. They will be alerted and invited to rate you and therefore Make a Match. The important thing here is to engage in this activity for a little time each day as it can become a bit repetitive. But it might just pay off if you find someone, that is special for you, way down that list that you would have missed.
  6. Chat LIVE online regularly with both Instant Messenger and Skype: Indicate often to other members when you are normally online. Many members who may want to contact you may be having difficulty finding a time when you are online. Take some time to test and familiarise yourself with these services. Create a favorites list so that you can see at a glance, from this list, which of your key friends are online and you can chat with.
  7. Use our Make A Date service: Use this service to build up your Instant Messenger and Skype chat activity. Invite members you would like to know more about to chat with you at a pre-arranged time on IM or Skype. Simply click the Make a Date button on the member's profile and set a time and date. The other member will receive your invitation and will be asked to respond.
  8. Be ACTIVE. Approach as many members as possible. You are creating a pool of prospective partners or loved ones. You don't want to miss the love of your life because your approach was too laid back! is not simply a listing service but an active dating environment where people can come to meet new friends in search of something more intimate.
  9. Use the Social Networking facility: This tool has proven to be very popular with members. You can create a group of people with whom you interact most with on the site. Find out more about how it works from the Help Desk,
  10. Be courteous. Insure that you respond to all e-mails, chat contacts or make a date invitations direct to you. Do not offend any member.

Our Development Team are currently working on new facilities for the site. In the meantime these 10 tips should assist in making this site a success for you.

Please take the time to study these tips and associated help pages in the Help Desk Section. We are confident that they will help you succeed.

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(Above) The combination of Instant Messenger, Skype and the E-mail Centre work really well for many members. (Below) Make contact with the thousands of new members weekly through the many tools available on such as Make a Date, Meet your Match, Flirts and Social Networking. Please see further Help Desk sections.
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