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The keys to a good profile, as in life, are honesty and courage

When creating your online profile we suggest that you 'put the best foot forward' and have the courage to present yourself positively. Always remember you can revisit your profile and re-edit your details at anytime. However give yourself 5 minutes instead of 2 to develop something meaningful and do it now. There are many delightful people on this site. It could be the three minutes that will change your life. Think about it.

Also you should try to insure the first two lines of your profile are as effective as possible. 'A good start is half the battle.' This has the double benefit of opening the way for the rest of your profile which should flow easily and it is these two lines which appear on your short mini- profile in searches and other lists.

The following are content tips for creating a good profile:

  • Grab attention with the opening line.
  • Try a quote from a favourite book.
  • State your personal goals.
  • Talk about your personality.
  • Talk about your lifestyle.
  • Talk about your interests and desires.
  • Insure your words 'connect'.
  • Invite other members to act.
  • Shock or jolt politely.

When you make an effort, you will find that you have more words to express yourself than the minimum required. This should be the case. 120 words is simply not enough. By taking your profile more seriously, you will be rewarded by having many more replies from a greater variety of other members.

Result: You will find someone extraordinarily special who will transform your life. Worth 3-5 minutes?

(Above) Don't forget that your profile, which appears in short and long forward represents you and is successfully to the degree of care taken with it. (Below) You can adjust your profile in many ways from the Members Control Centre.
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