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Posting a good photo is the key to success
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The secret to a good photo is personality and simplicity

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of a good photograph in your quest for true love. Here is a little guide to what makes a good photograph on with examples from real members on the site.

The first rule is that your photograph should capture your personality. The way to do this is to look into the camera and smile at it as you would your true love. The second thing is to keep the photograph as simple as possible and reproduce it with good quality.

Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Wear clothes that capture your personality through colours.
  • Do not have a pose that is stiff and proper. Pose a little to the side of the photo and look natural as if you are looking out or in at your future soulmate.
  • Big Secret: SMILE, the bigger and more natural actually, the better. But it must be natural and effortless, that's the trick.
  • You might consider having something on you or in the background that gives a little glimpse of your lifestyle.
  • Take a photograph that compliments your verbal profile. A picture paints a thousand's really true.
  • Another popular piece of wisdom, this time fatally untrue: never judge a book by its cover...but they really do.

Now the technical stuff

Please see our guide to uploading photographs. Remember that if you have any difficulty, you can always e-mail your photo to our 24hr support team who will resize and upload it for you. Whatever it takes to get you online. This is a FREE service.

Also remember your photo should be a.jpg and their is a file limit. To get your photograph perfect the right size it should be 550pixels in width (any bigger and people will not be able to see it) and at 72dpi.

(Above) Two lovely ladies from who use colour in their clothing, fashion and winning smiles. (Below ) A gentleman with the right idea, direct pose and communicates with the camera.
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