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Benefits of Standard Membership - Free Service
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Standard membership allows members to test reaction for an unlimited period of time

ThaiLoveLines is not a free dating service but we do offer a Standard Membership for an unlimited period of time. We are continuously enhancing this free service and there is absolutely no obligation on members to upgrade to our Premium service nor a time limit.

Our mission is to make our innovative dating service a more enjoyable experience while also making it more successful at delivering your highest expectations. To do this and recruit thousands of new members every week, we rely on income from our Premium membership offering which is very competitively priced.

Standard membership offers the member a limited access to our service affording everyone an opportunity to familiarise themselves with our site, develop an effective profile and use a growing range of key facilities to generate online reaction.

Many of our Standard members, having enjoyed the Standard membership dating experience and seen clearly how the the site works, later decide to upgrade to our Premium service which provides unlimited access and a highly effective way of not only making friends but also developing relationships online.

How to make Standard Membership work:

  • Get familiar with these facilities.
  • Post an online photograph.
  • Login and use them extensively.

Standard Membership specifically includes the following:

  • Matching Service: You will begin to receive Daily matches and if you upload a photograph, you will find a greater reaction and an improvement in the quality of matches and online contacts. As a Standard member you can set your Match Preferences at anytime.
  • Flirts: Send a range of Flirt e-mail message to any member on Use the range of messages cleverly. The member will receive your flirt internally and externally. You can only flirt message a member once in 24 hours.
  • Meet your Match: Create active matches of your own by rating other members. You must have a photo uploaded to use this facility but you will find it highly effective at generating interest in your profile.
  • Encounters: Click on Who has viewed My Profile to see which members may be interested in you.
  • Add Favorites: Although you cannot access the full favorites panel (Premium), you can add favorites and let other members know you are interested. They will be alerted both internally and externally.
  • Social Network : Build your own Social Network by finding the Add Friend button on each members profile. You can accept or reject social network invitations which are sent externally and internally.
  • QuickSearch and Galleries: Browse our members galleries and do a Quick Search of members to go through our extensive database of members.
  • Blogs: Write and publish your on blogs online. Share your thoughts and views.
  • Profile Development & Help: Upload your photograph and use our Help Section to find out how the site works.

Upgrade here in minutes.

When you have seen how Standard membership alone generates reaction, try our Premium service for in depth and unlimited communications facilities. It is quite inexpensive. Premium membership starts at $19.99 for one month, $39.99 for three months, $69.99 for six months and $119.99 for twelve months.

As well as all major credit cards and debit cards, you can pay by Western Union, PayPal, ATM, Bank transfer or even Cash!

Our Premium Membership is a once off transaction. There is no repeat billing! Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

(Above) Top: Use Flirts to send clever flirt messages to any member on You can set your daily match preferences at anytime. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with all these Standard membership services to generate online reaction while considering our Premium service which gives unlimited one to one access and is highly successful at building relationships online. You should also develop your profile and upload a photograph. This will enhance reaction to your profile online.
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