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Thai Women all over Thailand have taken to internet dating and social networking.


Thai Internet dating is the surest and easiest way to find your future Thai Love or Thai partner

Research into internet usage in Thailand conducted by a national newspaper shows that the vast majority (75%) of internet users are Thai women. One of the activities they are involved in (as well as education) is internet dating and social networking. It is true to say that in many rural areas of Thailand, the internet has become a life changing opportunity.

Some Thai women are quite shy about internet dating. It is not something that fits in well with Thai culture and tradition which values privacy. However many have begun to use internet dating as people all over the world have discovered the internet  as a way of relating to people and making friends. In Thailand this has happened through word of mouth. Thai women like women the world over are great networkers.

Many foreigners seek love in Thailand. Some of these foreigners who visit Thailand are often surprised by the large number of internet cafes while computer ownership is growing helped by Thai government initiatives. Thai women use computers at work or in internet cafes to find life partners online.

Many use internet sites like and have turned internet dating and networking into a regular past-time like people all over the world. In recent years whole groups of Thai women have found foreign partners in western countries building clusters of networks in countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Canada and Australia. Now Thai women are also using the internet dating sites more and more so to find eligible partners at home too! It is true to say that the internet has empowered those Thai women who have embraced it.

If you are using internet dating sites like to find your dream Thai partner, here are a few excellent tips:

  • Go online from 4pm to 12 midnight Thai time to meet Thai women. Some will also be online from 8am to 4pm while at work!
  • Be open and truthful at all times with Thai women online . Share your world with them. Many are simply interested in this.
  • Never entertain anyone online who asks you for money. Report it to site authorities immediately. For security reasons, do not disclose your e-mail and keep activity to site facilities.
  • Talk with as many Thai women online as possible and gradually refine a list of favorites that you may wish to d develop a more serious relationship with.
  • Only after you are confident should you arrange to meet them in person. has a Pro-photo and strict rules on profile information and security. Our aim is to create a Thai dating environment that is transparent and safe. Did you know that rejects 7.5% of all profiles submitted because they do not meet our standards. Our internet dating service offers you a fully comprehensive solution and a lot more if you are beginning your search for Thai Love here. Harness the power of Thailand's internet dating revolution in a few clicks by joining for FREE as a Standard Member and a range of facilities will be available immediately to test our internet dating service. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 250,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Thailand's internet dating and social networking revolution has empowered Thai ladies. Begin your search on Thailand's largest internet dating site: Meet thousands of Thai women online now at our Thai Women's Photo Gallery

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