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Thailand - An introduction for foreign members

If you are considering a relationship with a Thai member through the internet, take some time to get to know more about the country.

If you are a foreigner to Thailand, then you may sometime contemplate a visit to Thailand to meet a member on this site. Thousands of internet dating tourists visit Thailand everyday hoping to combine a search for love with an adventure and an unforgettable holiday. It is good advice to learn about Thailand and the local environment before you embark. A little homework can make all the difference in what could well be a life changing experience.

Thailand will astound you. Thai culture is unique, something quite apart from anything in the world. Thais are also exceptionally friendly and warm hearted. Thai women are reputed to be the most beautiful and welcoming in the world. They call it the land of smiles.

This guide to Thailand is designed to be a growing resource for memebers. An information desk and e-zine is also available to Premium members. Submissions, comments and queries are all welcome at

An introduction to Thailand for members
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