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Benefits of Premium Membership - Service Description
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Premium users get unlimited access on ThaiLoveLines to find Love in Thailand - and it works!

The ThaiLoveLines development team continuously refines and develops additional facilities in order to make our dating site service more effective and more rewarding for our growing number of users in Thailand and worldwide. The product of this is our extensive Premium Membership service.

Our mission is to make our innovative dating site a more enjoyable experience while also making it more successful at delivering your highest expectations. The net result is that you find more friendship, companionship and even more love online. Anyone in Thailand or a round the world feeling lonely can unlock that feeling and find love here.

Premium Membership offers key benefits:

  • You can actively search and initiate direct contact with users online to find friendship and to develop relationships online in Thailand and in over 195 foreign countries all over the globe.
  • Given a suitable membership period and an active use of our communications tools, you are quite likely to achieve a positive dating outcome.
  • Our Premium membership experience also offers social interaction which is in itself an enjoyable experience suitable for keeping company and developing online relationships.

Standard membership offers a limited access to our service affording members an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the site, develop a profile and test reaction.

Premium membership
offers a range of communication tools and facilities allowing online users an unlimited dating site experience in order to find a love partner, develop a lasting friendship or begin a relationship online.

This suite of services is so effective that reports a staggering success rate with 71% of all Premium members reporting that they have been successful at finding what they were looking for on Thailand's No.1 dating website. Nearly 10% of Thai women online have used ThaiLoveLines to find love in Thailand.

Premium Membership specifically includes the following:

  • Instant Messenger: This allows you to initiate and receive instant chat with members online who are available for chat at any given time. Select the Chat Online option and click the blinking icon to launch the instant chat window. We have now added a Missed IM chat facility which alerts you when other members have tried to chat with you online but have missed you.

  • Skype: has the hugely popular telephone, SMS, Chat and FREE Voip service integrated into its service. You must be Premium member for your Skype details to be displayed and you can see other members Skype buttons. Use these buttons to initiate contact through Skype's facilities with these members. You can also choose to display your Skype contact button to all members or favorites only.

  • E-Mail Centre: Premium members have full access to our e-mail centre and can send and receive unlimited e-mails from all members. This facility also keeps a record of all e-mails sent and received. The other members receives the e-mail in their In box and also receive an external e-mail telling them to login and display your message. Use our new E-mail lists interface to co-ordinate your different activities on Premium members can not only keep a Favorites list of their own favorites but they can also see other members on who have listed them as favorites. Very useful information if you are on a love quest.

  • Make a Date: This is a new facility from the team which allows you to make a date with another member online to chat on Skype or Instant Messenger. The other member receives your invitation and a copy of your profile. They respond by either accepting or declining and you are notified.

  • Favorites: Use this facility to develop a list of favorite members. You can add or subtract from this list and see if your favorite members are online for a chat. You can also see which other members have added your profile as favorites.

  • Meet your Match: This is a matching system where you rate other members who have photographs (and profiles) posted on a one to five star basis. Those rated four or five stars receive an alert about your rating. If they rate your profile in return at anytime, then both members receive a match alert.

  • Advanced Search: There is already a Male/Female and country search in Standard membership but this facility has filters by age, region and a full range of personality characteristics in addition to a specific Member ID search.

  • Access to our Chat Room.

  • Add your own personal photo galleries: You can create a series of photo galleries which viewers can view when invited or you can post a Private Photo gallery. Once a photo gallery is created an icon will appear on your profile and online snippet

  • Live A/V one to one: Audio/Visual contact accessed through out Thai Chat Lines service. In addition audio and video files can be uploaded to your profile as a Premium service.

  • Priority positioning on lists as a Premium member.

  • Priority in our daily matching system: Our unique matching formula prioritises members with Premium membership. As a Premium member you are likely to receive more matches and your profile is more likely to be matched against other members.

Premium membership starts at $19.99 for one month, $39.99 for three months, $69.99 for six months and $119.99 for twelve months.

As well as all major credit cards and debit cards, you can pay by Western Union, PayPal, ATM, Bank transfer or even Cash!

Our Premium Membership is a once off transaction. There is no repeat billing!

Upgrade here in minutes. Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

ThaiLoveLines Premium Dating works!

We are very confident that our Premium dating service will help you find love in Thailand or around the world. While our dating site caters for short term relationships or even chat company or friendships, many of our users find long term love and even marriage. We are proud of this.

If this is what you are seeking, our best advise is to select our six month package ($69.99) and to work earnestly with the communications tools that are provided.

We publish a selection of user testimonials on a regular basis and we urge users on TLL who have found love to leave a thank you or a note or even send us photographs. Remember to send us a note when you have found love on ThaiLoveLines so you can help others also find the path to love and happiness.

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(Above) Top: Instant Messenger allows you to chat one to one with other members. Premium membership gives you unlimited access to our e-mail centre. Skype is integrated into for Premium members. Make a Date allows you to make a date with other members to chat on Skype or Instant Messenger. (Below) Meet your Match - Rate other members and see how they are match with you.
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