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How you make use of Skype on
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With Skype you can communicate at all levels with other online members

Again you need to be a Premier Member to use this facility. Before you use this you should note:

  • You need to have Skype open on your PC and by logged in while using
  • You need a headset or a Skype telephone device to make calls to people. We highly recommend this service particularly if you are dating a foreign national.

The following are the key benefits you should check out:

  1. When you click the Skype button next to the user a box will appear. It will show you if this person has Skype active or not. If they have not, you can leave an instant message which will appear when they next open Skype.
  2. If they are online, an audio prompt will alert them that you have begun to chat. They will be able to chat back with you.
  3. You can telephone them directly with high quality audio if you have a phone or an audio device and they also have one. Even if they do not have a headset, you can talk to them through the speakers on their PC.
  4. You can send text messages by phone to users logged as contacts on Skype. You can also request contact information with other members through this system.
  5. You can restrict your Skype access to only your favourites by adjusting your settings in your Membership Registration section. Access this through the Membership panel on your Members Control Centre.
  6. You can liaise with our Dating Centre through Skype. As a Premier Member we would be happy to assist your dating efforts

What you should really do is find test the Skype facility with other Skype users on It's a fastrack way to better person to person communication.

(Above) Take the time to understand how Skype works with You will be able to dramatically improve communications with other members. (Below) You can purchase Skype phone including cordless products.
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