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ThaiLoveLines external E-mail Policy
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We are committed to industry anti-spam best practice

ThaiLoveLines is committed to the highest standards in its external e-mail programme. As an active member of our site we recommend that you receive external e-mail alerts but we have provided all the tools you require to limit them and switch them off, if you require.

Our goal is to make our external e-mail service a positive addition to your overall dating experience making it more enjoyable and effective.

The e-mails you have may receive include:

  1. Joining process e-mail : When you join, you receive an e-mail confirmation setting out your Member ID and password. Additionally, if you submit a profile, you will receive an e-mail either approving or disapproving your application.If you do not wish to join after receiving any of these e-mails, you may cancel you registration by clicking here:

    >>Cancel my Registration and confirm<<

    You may do this at anytime. You will receive a confirmation that your account has been deleted and you will receive no further communication from us.

  2. Registration and Profile development e-mail: In the first 28 days of joining you may receive e-mails in the following situations:
    • Where your profile has not been completed or where you have not uploaded a photograph.
    • You may receive e-mails from our support desk if you decide to upgrade your account or require assistance.
    You can also cancel your registration, membership or profile at anytime during this process.

  3. Contact e-mails: As a visible member of with an approved profile, you will be sent alerts as other members try to make contact with you on our site. You will also receive very selective match e-mails which are based on your own preferences. As a member of you may switch off all contact alerts such as matches or e-mail alerts but you are required to have a valid e-mail address with your registration for security purposes.

    >>Cancel all e-mails immediately from ThaiLoveLines<< operates a Pro-photo policy and other policies centered around transparency and openness from all members online to each other. In keeping with this policy, if you do not have a valid, functioning e-mail account, we may suspend and restrict communication with your profile online. This could lead to the deletion of your account in due course.

  4. Newsletter e-mails : As a member of we send you a regular weekly newsletter with information on new members and new developments on the site. is one of the most innovative dating sites in the world with new features being launched each month or sometimes twice a month. We also keep our members abreast of security threats and how best to use our facilities. You can opt out of these e-mails by clicking the opt out logo at the top and bottom of each e-mail.

  5. Tell a Friend or Tip a Friend: You may have received an e-mail from a friend telling you about ThaiLoveLines or alerting you to a particular profile. You may click the option at the top and bottom of such e-mails to block any further such messages from ThaiLoveLines. We can also investigate any abuse of this process for you if this is required

If you have any particular problem with e-mail on or wish to clarify any matter dealt with here, please feel free to e-mail our support desk where your issue will be dealt with or your contribution given attention.

External e-mail is an essential part of online dating and social networking. Our e-mail policy is to comply with our members wishes at all times so that unwanted e-mail is switched off easily and quickly. We also strive to give our members as much control over the process as possible. Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

(Above) All members who register receive a welcome e-mail and a series of e-mails depending on how far they progress development of a profile. (Below) Members who post a profile will receive profile development updates while ongoing alerts are issued in respect of site activity. It is a requirement that all ThaiLoveLines members maintain a valid, functioning e-mail address but all e-mail can be switched off at anytime from our site.

An opt out instruction is available at the top and bottom of each e-mail.
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