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Do you receive external e-mail and registration information?

You need this information for login details and instructions relating to your account. We have now tightened further our strict anti-spam e-mail policy. Please check your Inbox/Spam folders and make sure your external e-mail from ThaiLoveLines is being received so that you can control your account with us.

Please note:

  • If you have an MSN/Live/Hotmail external e-mail account, please check your SPAM folders and designate e-mail as 'Not Spam'.
  • You can switch off/on all external e-mails from My Control Panel.
  • You can opt out selectively from match alerts or all dating alerts depending on your preference.
  • Your login details and links to control your external e-mail can be found at the bottom of all e-mails from

Microsoft e-mail partner

ThaiLoveLines through its parent company AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd is a Microsoft partner in e-mail management and operates to the highest standards with a strict e-mail policy, your e-mails may be marked as spam in Hotmail/Live/MSN accounts if you do not mark them appropriately or if you mark them as spam. Our new strict e-mail policies also mean that ThaiLoveLines will automatically switch off your external e-mails if any e-mail is 'bounced' or we receive a report from your ISP that your account is full, closed or unattended.

External e-mail control/Switch on/off

You may control all external e-mail by going to My Control Panel. You may also opt to:

  • Switch off Match e-mails only.
  • Switch off all external e-mail.
  • Cancel your ThaiLoveLines account.

Look at the bottom of all external e-mail

Please see the links therein or information at the bottom of any external e-mail alert on how you can switch off or otherwise manage your e-mail and your ThaiLoveLines account. This is called our easy e-mail policy. You can also see your login details here. Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

Check that your ThaiLoveLines external e-mail is being received
((Above)You need access to your external e-mail alerts in your Inbox to control your ThaiLoveLines account. For instance, you need to be able to receive login information. New standards mean you must make sure your external e-mail provider is routing your ThaiLoveLines mail to your Inbox. Check your Inbox or Spam folder and mark your ThaiLoveLines e-mail as not-spam. As a Microsoft e-mail partner, we now automatically switch off external e-mail to accounts where external e-mail has been marked by the user as spam.(Below) Opt out instructions, account options and Login details are available at the bottom of each e-mail.
Easy e-mail: See your login details at the bottom of all ThaiLoveLines external e-mail and easy optout, e-mail management feautures.
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