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How to record an audio file on
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How to prepare your audio profile so that you may upload it to

The audio facility allows you to record an audio profile so that other members can hear your voice talking about yourself on Here is a summary of how it works:

  • You make an audio file by recording your voice on your computer. Do not be afraid of this. It is easier than it sounds.
  • You upload this file in the same way as you upload your photograph.
  • Other members will see an icon displayed beneath your profile on
  • When the click this there is a 30-60 seconds delay as your their computer downloads your audio profile.
  • After this period your message is played to the other member.
  • Here it for yourself. See the link on the left hand side to hear a real audio profile for yourself.
  • Important: To play audio profiles your computer may require an updated media player. You can download Winamp FREE on the link provided on this page. accepts two kinds of files for audio purposes: WAV and Mp3 files. Don't worry if you do not understand what this means. This is how to go about recording your audio file on the hard drive of your computer to upload to this site.

You need 2 things to do this. First a microphone preferably with earphones also. You can buy them in any electrical/computer store at an inexpensive price. Simply connect them to your PC and sound card. The second is an audio recording software programme. If you do not have one - you can download one for free called Audacity at or simply click on the Audacity illustration above. Follow the download instructions.

Install this programme. Once it is installed open it and you can place record. You will see and hear your voice as you speak a message. You can edit your voice by clicking your mouse over the dips in the sound wave pattern to eliminate any pauses, mistakes or stalls.

Once you are happy with your voice recording, you can save it on to your desktop. You have a choice of WAV or Mp3 formats.

We recommend that you keep your voice recording short and snappy. Record it over and over again until you feel you sound your best. In any event it should not be more than 30 seconds as it will effect how long it takes another member to download. Shorter is quicker.

You are now ready to upload you recording to your profile on

Upload your audio profile as follows:

  1. Go to 'Manage Audio' in your Members Control Centre.
  2. Use the browse button until you locate the wav or mp3 file which you saved using the audacity sound recorder or other any your recorder you might prefer.
  3. Once located upload and update as shown. You audio profile must now be approved by but should be live within 24hrs.
  4. Return and test your recording to insure that it is to your satisfaction.



(Above) Click here to visit the Audacity site to download your free audio recording software. (Below) It looks like this when opened and loaded on your PC. You can click on the the breaks between waves(your voice) to eliminate pauses or mistakes.
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