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How do I begin to make friends?
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How to use to make friends online

This help page is to assist you if you've just joined our site and wondering where to begin.

Time Zones on a Worldwide dating site

First thing to remember is that people are on different time zones, so you must consider this as it effects the numbers online. If you are a Thai member the at 11pm, it is 11am in some parts of the USA for instance. It is 5pm in London, 6pm in Europe. To speak to more US members, you might have to stay up late or leave a message to say when you will be online.

Begin with the flirts tool

The easiest tool to use is the Flirt or Express interest button. It lets someone know that you are interested. They will get a flirt email and can reply to you or make contact if they are interested.

Invitation to your Social Network

You can also invite that person to join your Social Network. Find their profile page and locate the button to do this. You can also use the 'Encounters' button to see who has viewed your profile. This is very interesting and informative. You may also rate other members photographs particularly those on your Social Network.

Premium Membership - so much more

To use our email system, you need Premier Membership. We have priced this very competitively. Premium Membership gives you access to Make a Date, Meet your Match, Instant Messenger, Advanced Search and Skype. These communication tools make finding a love partner so much easier!

With Premier Membership you can use Instant Messenger to activate conversations with members online. Skype is a very effective way of both talking and chatting with people. Make sure to put your photo on Skype. You should have Premier Membership to click and talk or chat with other Skype members online from

You must have your Skype facility open on your computer and they must have theirs activated also. Otherwise your message will be received by them when they next open Skype

(Above) You can invite friends to join and network with you on They will appear on your Social Network within your Members Control page. (Below)Simply fill in your friends email address here and you can also leave a short message to your friends. This starts the process.
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