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Pro photo policy for safer and better dating in Thailand
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Use ThaiLoveLines effectively by posting a photo to your online dating profile

ThaiLoveLines is pleased to announce a Pro Photo policy on this site. We encourage users of the site to make themselves visible to other users online. The reason for this is to make the dating site more effective, open and secure. One key to doing this is to post a photo to your dating profile.

All new members should post a photo online within 7 days. We should also point out that the use of some of our online dating facilities and services is restricted for those who do not post a valid photo to a dating profile.

Photo boosts your chance of finding Love in Thailand or around the world

Research on this site and elsewhere shows clearly that when you upload a photo to your dating profile that reaction to your profile increases by 900%. A dating profile should be built around a photo placed online.

Why you should post a photo on this dating site:

Matching facilities: When you post a photo, your dating profile is matched against all other online users who may be looking for someone just like you. This is a Standard (FREE) Membership service.

Meet your Match: You cannot appear for other online users in order to rate your dating profile and match you without a valid photo. This is also a free aspect of this dating service.

Galleries and profiling: Your dating profile will not appear in photo galleries or on our online profiling system without a valid photo. Your dating profile will appear on searches however but here again precedence will be given to online users with a photo uploaded to our dating site or Premium users. Even as a Premium users (paid membership), you cannot avail of some aspects of our dating service (such as appearing in the Meet your Match sessions or Galleries) without an approved photo as part of your dating profile.
Some good news: Your dating profile can be fully reactivated and even re-submitted for matching and dating profiling purposes and you will then have full access to all dating services when a photo is uploaded and approved.

As part of our Pro-photo policy, we encourage members to do the following:

  • Upload an attractive personal photo to enhance your dating profile and generate increased online response. A warm smiling photo with a facial portrait is the essential requirement to make your online dating profile spring to life.

  • Ask any user who contacts you without a photo to upload one to their dating profile on the dating site so that you identify them and interact with more confidence.

  • Enhance your security status: Do not give out external contact details or make contact with or engage in dating activities with users offsite. This is a security risk. You are more secure conducting dating activities online when you are onsite with ThaiLoveLines security services. Never give external contact information to another online user. If you wish to share photos, use our Private photos and Personal photo galleries in your Manage Photos section. Please take the time to read our security guidance for more effective and safer dating in Thailand. A photo uploaded to your dating profile and associated photos in your private photos and photo gallery section enhances the standing of your dating profile from a security point of view. We encourage a policy of openness and transparency online and this is in keeping with that aim.

Dating profile photo:

Your dating profile needs a clear personal photo with a clear facial portrait. Some key pointers:

  • Do not upload a photo that is incorrectly orientated.
  • Use the guidance system in our photo upload facility to capture a clear facial photo that can be seen by other users online seeking love or friendship in Thailand.
  • Avoid photos with sunglasses.
  • Make sure your photo is large enough to impress and give a clear facial portrait.
  • Our maximum photo size is 5 Mb approx. and it should be a .jpg photo.
  • Use our webcam/device photo capture facility if your computer/device has a webcam or camera connected.
  • Please note that you can have a maximum of 4 dating profile photos but if you are a Premium member you may upload unlimited Gallery photos and Private photos.

Posting a photo to your dating profile

Posting a photo is easy! See the link in the help section or the panel below telling you what to do. If you have any problems, we can find the answers for you.

We encourage a policy of openness and transparency online and this is in keeping with that aim.

Posting a photo is easy! If you have any problems, we can find the answers for you.

If you are a new member and have a problem uploading your photo, please email us.We would be very happy to assist in the following ways:

  • We can talk you through the process.
  • We can arrange for your hard copy photo to be mailed to us where we can scan and upload from our support centre. This is a FREE service.

Sensitive situations

We are aware of sensitive situations where a member may not be able to upload a photograph and we can advise you on how best to get full advantage from our service.

Webcam or built in camera

Please also note that you can upload a photo from your desktop and you can also take an immediate photo with your webcam or inbuilt camera if you do not have a photo saved.

Support for uploading photos

If you have any particular issue or problem please let us know by clicking on the email link above. Photos are critical to making this online dating experience fun, enjoyable and ultimately rewarding. Our support staff are always happy to assist you with photo uploads or any step required to create a more effective dating profile. We look forward to seeing you online!

Last resort: hard copy photos

For hard copy photos, send your hard copy photo to:
5/312 C3 Building
Muang Thong Thani
Kingdom of Thailand

Pro photo policy: you should upload a photo within 7 days
Secrets to a good photo for dating in Thailand
Upload your photo - click here
((Above) Photos of people make this site a happy and rewarding place to be. When you upload a photograph, your profile can has full access to galleries, online profiling and matching systems. (Below) We thank all those who take the time to upload their photo profile.
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