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Dating photo online - a photo that sells you
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Guide for good photos on your Thai dating profile

The secret to a good photo is personality and simplicity.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of a good photo in your quest to find love or a relationship in Thailand and around world. Internet dating is now a proven force. Thailand’s No.1 dating site, ThaiLoveLines, helps Thai singles, men and women from around the world find friendship, relationships and love every day. It is not just a claim but fact that proved itself. A photographic dating profile is 900% more effective at generating reaction to your profile online.

Remember you can upload 4 profile photos to your dating profile on ThaiLoveLines. Make this count. Remember that though social networking is expanding and developing with all different sorts of dating tools and innovation, the simple digital photography is simply the most effective tool for communicating your story or personality to other Thai singles in Thailand and around the world. Your dating profile photos are personal portraits of you that include a facial portrait.

If you are a Premium online user, you can also create photo galleries to enhance your dating profile and it is here that you place photos of your lifestyle and other photos that you may like potential love partners to see.

Here is a little guide to what makes a good photograph on ThaiLoveLines with examples from real users online.

First rule for a dating profile photo:

The first rule is that your photograph should capture your personality. The way to do this is to look into the camera and smile at it as you would your true love, relationship partner or friend. But remember that it is also critical to keep the photo as simple as possible and reproduce it with good quality.

Tips for creating an attractive dating photo:

  • Wear clothes that capture your personality through colours.
  • Do not have a pose that is stiff and proper. Pose a little to the side of the photo and look natural as if you are looking out or in at your future love partner, husband, wife or soul mate.
  • Big Secret: SMILE, the bigger and more natural actually, the better. But it must be natural and effortless, that's the trick. As above, think positive thoughts when you are having your dating photo snapped. Try to imagine different positive thoughts that match your favourite poses.
  • Outdoors and Indoors: It’s a good idea to get photos out and about. Find interesting poses. The light outdoors is usually better. However if you can find indoor locations with particularly lighting and ambiance, it is also good to create a contrast.
  • You might consider having something on you or in the background that gives a little glimpse of your lifestyle. However this should be a simple and strong background that enhances your online dating photograph. You should make sure that these are you best quality clothes or that you are presenting a photo in your dating profile that puts your best foot forward!
  • Create action poses: put some thought into this. Try to create poses that reflect your natural mannerisms and give a picture of your personality, lifestyle. For instance if you like book reading, you might have a photo taken reading a book or if you like a particular sport, you may pose for action sports shot. But always make sure your dating photo shows a clear facial portrait looking into the camera.
  • Fix your hair and face: If you’re a woman, pit on your best makeup and nicest hair style, if you’re a man, have your hair groomed and face looking its best by applying moisturizer, shaving or having any facial hair trimmed. In Thailand, appearances count for a lot with Thai singles and honestly, it’s true everywhere in the world.
  • Take a photograph that compliments your verbal profile. A picture paints a thousand's really true.

Another popular piece of wisdom, this time fatally untrue: never judge a book by its cover...but they really do.

Now the technical stuff

Please see our guide to uploading photographs. Remember that if you have any difficulty, you can always e-mail your photo to our 24hr support team who will resize and upload it for you. Whatever it takes to get you online. This is a FREE service.

Difficulties uploading your photo

All photos uploaded on Thailand’s No. 1 dating site should be in .jpg format. Follow the guide on how to upload your photo. If you are having difficulties, please consider: Try uploading your photo through one of our alternative upload processes by clicking the alternative upload button.

  • Try uploading an image by using your built in camera device or webcam. Please see our guide for uploading a webcam or built in device photo.
  • Is your photo too large? We have a maximum upload size of 5Mb approx. Use software on your computer/device to lower this size, send it by e-mail or create a photo using your webcam or built in photo device.
Photo quality guidelines

ThaiLovelines has specific quality requirements for all photo uploaded by users online. These are designed to make each profile easily identifiable and make our online dating experience more enjoyable and more successful. Here are some of these requirements:

  • All photos should show a clear facial portrait. We specifically will not approve photos with large sunglasses which obscure the face.
  • Photos should be bright and clear. Grainy, indistinct or dark photos that obscure the users face will be rejected.
  • Photos containing second or third parties will not be accepted. The photograph must be a profile personal to you only.
  • Please make sure that the photo is properly orientated to be clear to other users.

ThaiLoveLines in some instances may take action to render a photo graph more visible where it is thought the online user has had difficulty.

Fill your dating photos with colour and personality
Remember to smile on your online dating photo. A good online photograph gets 900% more reaction
(Above) Two lovely ladies from who use colour in their clothing, fashion and winning smiles. (Below ) A gentleman with the right idea, direct pose and communicates with the camera.
Your photo on your online dating profile is key to finding love in Thailand
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