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The search tool allows you to zero in on the member who could be the special one

The Advanced Search facility allows you to refine your search for members in over twenty different ways. It is also where you set your Match preferences.

Match Preferences:

There is a box at the top of the search facility. By ticking it and then performing a search you instruct our match system that these are your match preferences. The next time runs a 'Cupid Match' report, you will receive a list of all new members that match this search criteria.

The search facility gives you a list of any combination of filters so you can examine the full database. You can ask for a list of members from a particular area in Thailand or from a particular country. You can ask for a list of profiles with photos only and you can decide to view the results in a list or a gallery view.

You can refine your search using the following filters or criteria:

  1. By sex.
  2. By age group.
  3. By country.
  4. By state or province.
  5. By city or town.
  6. View online profiles only.
  7. View profiles with photos only.
  8. Relationship sought.
  9. Appearance.
  10. Marital status.
  11. Hair colour.
  12. Ethnicity.
  13. Smoking habits.
  14. Drinking habits.
  15. Religion.
  16. Children.
  17. Height range.
  18. View list by orders.
  19. View by list or gallery.
  20. Search for single user. will soon be making Premier membership available to Thai nationals at a very attractive rate for 6 months and 12 months membership. In the absence of this, right now, we have set our Premier rate at a very competitive level : $19.99 for one month and only $39.99 for a three month membership.

(Above)You can access the advanced search facility from the members navigational menu or from the members Control Centre.This advanced search facility allows a Premier member to define a search of the whole data base using multiple variations of over twenty different filters. This can be used to find members of a particular sex, age group or characteristics in different regions etc. (Below) The results can be viewed in either list mode or gallery mode.
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