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Premium members can send unlimited e-mail communications to all members and open all e-mail messages.

The ThaiLoveLines e-mail centre allows Premier members to send e-mails, receive e-mails and generate replies to mail from all other members. A Standard member can only see the email message subject and the profile of the sender. The e-mail itself cannot be opened. Standard membership is a limited form of membership designed to give new members an idea of the interest shown in their profile. Premier members should use this facility in the following way:

  1. Send emails to other members letting them know when you will be online and how best to contact you.
  2. It is not advisable to give your external email addressed to other members. It compromises the security of the site.
  3. Reply to flirt messages or notes sent from other members in an engaging and informative way.
  4. Use the e-mail facility to give more information about your profile or personality so that later meetings online through Instant Messenger or Skype can be more open and productive.

If you are still a Standard member, you can upgrade in minutes for only €19.99 for one month or €39.99 for three months.

E-mail Lists

Use our e-mail lists to see who is connecting with you on ThaiLoveLines. From these lists, respond back with flirt, e-mail or Instant Chat. We suggest that you use our e-mail lists to help co-ordinate your LoveLines experience. These lists show the other members that have contacted you using different LoveLines and the Sent Message Section shows all the members you have contacted using different communications tools. If you are new to ThaiLoveLines and have not received or made many contacts, there is a guide to tell how each works and links to our help section or users site tour. Finally, don't forget to make as many connections as possible. One of them could be very special.

E-Mail Centre - last contact

Your e-mail centre gives you a photographic member profile photo of the last message or contact made on ThaiLoveLines. Use instant popup tools to make contact directly back if you're interested. In Love matters, timing can be everything!

Even as a Standard member there are the following response options:

  • Say Hi back and a Hi message will be sent to the other members Inbox together with and external alert. You should have a photograph uploaded.
  • Send a Flirt message.
  • Add this member as a favorite to signal that a favorable reaction.

To really make direct contact one to one you need to be a Premium member:

  • Send a quick personalised e-mail and begin a two way communication process.
  • Contact the member by IM Instant Chat using chat to make contact and begin a rapport.
  • With IM Chat you can connect your webcam for live audio visual communication using a laptop or a computer.
(Above) As a Premier member you can open email messages. As a Standard member you can only see that you have a message, the subject and the sender's profile. (Below) When premier member sends an email, and external e-mail is generated and sent to the other members external email address requesting them to log in.
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