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A confident guide to how to be safe with Thai Dating

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The key thing to remember is that you are safe if you are aware of the issue

Thailand's No.1 international dating site is well known for helping those in Thailand and now users in every country in the world to find love, friendship and companionship. That is our mission. We have built a web experience that makes this happen. However one of the greatest challenges is security. False and insincere actors can not only sow distrust and insecurity, they can also create confusion between those seeking love and friendship and the other 98% of users who are sincere, genuine but perhaps not as forthcoming.

International dating site abuse

The powerful tool that is international Thai dating can be abused by these online scammers or insincere people who target both women and men. Such people target all dating sites and social networks. On ThaiLoveLines, you are safer because we have an online security system, online security staff and an information programme.

Once you are aware - you're protected

The good news is that if you are reading this, you are already safe from this threat. Our international Thai dating experience works and we are undertaking this information campaign to make our users more secure and confident.

This is a guide to all our users and visitors on how to deal with this and how to make sure you are safe. Please take the time to read it through.

Security guidance - for online users

  • Never take your communications offsite until the relationships is at an advanced stage.
  • You are protected on TLL since our online security systems will trigger investigations into suspicious activities or communications.
  • Never entertain requests for money or financial assistance in any event. Report any request immediately.
  • Make yourself familiar with known dating scams - please see our security sections on Help and news stories detailed in the news centre. You will find some links at the bottom of this page.
  • Remember that perhaps a maximum of 1-2% of users will be a potential security threat. It is more often less than 1%. However these users can be very active.
  • Do not become paranoid or anxious. It may destroy your chances of a successful relationship with genuine prospective partners. This is one of the greatest dangers.
  • Once you have established a relationship we suggested the following validation steps :
    • Ask for a Thai telephone number or international number if your partner is in another country. Call the number. Use Skype for low cost international phone numbers. This test alone does not validate a contact as many of these actors are highly organised groups with members in Thailand and many other countries in Asia, Europe, the United States and Africa.
    • Ask TLL security to validate the user's IP and check for any suspicious activity.
    • Speak to the user online using Audio Visual communication for an extended period.

Security threats and scams - How do I spot them?

Here are some of the most notable scams and threats out there. Please note that these operators target both men and women on international dating sites.

  • 'My Son Charlie' - The users has a sick son who he introduces to women online. This tactic is also employed against men but the sick person tends to be a daughter, mother or grandmother. At some point they involve you in a personal emergency.
  • 'I want to buy you a house' - The users target Thai women and indicate an interest in buying property in Thailand. They are usually purporting to be engineers or executives working for international organisations such as oil companies or government agencies. You become embroiled in a crisis where money has to be paid to release money.
  • 'I'm stuck at the airport' - This is used against both men and women. One example is where an attractive woman asks for money for plane tickets and visa expenses to come and visit a man she has met online. The man gets a call from the airport with the support of an authentic sounding immigration official. You are told that the lady will be detained unless money is paid to have her released. A variation on this has also been used against Thai women expecting an international male visitor. The man being detained and has no access to cash at that moment.

Key rules to remember:

  • Never pay for anything for someone you have met online and have never met in person no matter how plausible the situation or needy the cause. Use this security instruction from ThaiLoveLines as your excuse.
  • Report any such requests in order to protect other users who may fall for the scam. Our security s service will always help with advice and guidance.
  • Never accept any divergence between the online profile and the story or details that emerge while communicating with a user online. Report such incidents and we will investigate and contact the user to ensure compliance or if deemed a threat, we will suspend the profile and warn other users.Be very wary of users who are working abroad but not presently in the country stated on their profile.

Security notice on emails - what is this?

Once a profile is reported and our security officer deems the account a threat, the profile's communications are locked down. If you see such a message, take a note of the profile. If you are not communication offline, you will be secure but if this person has contacted you offline, cease all communications immediately. Please understand the goal of the scammer is to lure you off ThaiLoveLines so that you are not protected and cannot be warned.

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(Above) Top: Safe Dating is about being aware of the issue and keeping to some common sense rules. Please follow our guidnace and we can guarantee your online safety. ThaiLoveLines is a winning process for bringing people together. (Below) Go to the Online Now and Chat to report any suspicious profile or activity in confidence. Your report will never be ignored. Also email our support team for advice or assistance at anytime.
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