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(Above) In May 2017 ThaiLoveLines introduced the first stage of an improved payment service for the customer base the popular Thai dating and social site, in conjunction with a fast growing US based payment services company, offers a streamlined credit and debit card payment facility.The new payment system is more secure and offers TLL users the option of a one click renewal of Premium membership without the need to input payment details again. The company retains its strict ban on auto billing which is a key attraction for users. This part of a roll out of improved payment services which will be compete in 2018. The operating company of ThaiLoveLines, AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd., also announced that its Irish subsidiary AtlanticThai Premium Sales LTD. had begun trading in Cork, Ireland offering payment support services to the main TLL Operations Centre in Bangkok

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Expansion of ThaiLoveLines payments service with processing office in Ireland

ThaiLoveLines continues its success with a growing number of users who use the popular Thai Dating and Social Networking site to meet friends and make international connections in Thailand and all over the world. The website has been operated for the last 12 years by its parent company AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd. from headquarters in Muang Thong Thani on the outskirts of Bangkok. The popular international Thai dating site in May 2017 began an expansion of its payment offerings to international customers all over the world.

This programme, which will continue into 2018, will assist all ThaiLoveLines customers to pay for the company's Premium dating memberships. 'We are not a free dating site, we offer a paid for, Premium service, which is one of the lowest priced in our market. This means we can provide a growing range of dating and communications tools supports and at the same time grow our network of users in Thailand and in very country in the world,' says M/s Inthakhenee.

In May 2017, ThaiLoveLines offered quick and easy payments solutions through a growing US payments giant based in San Francisco which uses patented technology to offer not only a fast and easy payment system but also one which is more secure. The easy payments solution allows TLL users the ability to pay in absolute safety using world leading encrypted payments technology.

ThaiLoveLines retains its strict policy of once off payments. This means a prohibition on auto billing. But this new system allows TLL users to opt to renew Premium membership at any stage with just one click without having to re input data and also while still providing the most secure payment environment. This is still optional however. 'Our policy in everything we do is to devolve power to our users including payments and also our dating process,' says the boss of AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd in Bangkok, Operations Director, Joseph O' Connor. 'Between now and the end of 2018, we will be incorporating similar capabilities in our alterative payment systems for our large customer base who do have credit or debit cards.'

Thai company opens Irish subsidiary

AtlanticThai Internet set up an Irish subsidiary company in 2015 and this company began trading this year based in Cork,' says Mr. O' Connor.

AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd. employs 11 people in Thailand and operates a dating, news and internet radio network with hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. The company's network reaches millions of users on a weekly and monthly basis. Full dating support services are still provided by the company's popular and well trained Thai staff in Bangkok on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week from an operations centre in Bangkok that never closes.

The new office in Cork, Ireland at North Point House, Mallow Road is operated by AtlanticThai Premium Sales LTD, an Irish subsidiary company of AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd. in Bangkok. This facility provides payment support and assistance through email, coordinating with the 24/7 ThaiLoveLines operations centre in Bangkok.

New Payment solutions

The Thai based company is planning to upgrade its popular alternative payments options such as payment by ATM , Bank transfer and Western Union throughout 2017 and 2018. 'The aim is to make these payments pretty much immediate and as convenient as credit cards. Many of our users do not have credit cards and we are very interested in providing them with the best possible service' says Mr. O' Connor.