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(Above)Tony Fitzpatrick (Marketing Director) and Joseph O' Connor (Operations Director), directors of AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd. at Muang Thong Thani near Bangkok, home of Thailand's No.1 dating site.

These images may be published. Larger resolution images are available on request from our Press Centre by e-mail. celebrates its first birthday as Thailand’s No.1

Celebrating its first birthday in June, with 20,000 members is now Thailand’s Number 1 Dating site based in Thailand. ‘We are very happy with the steady progress of the site and recent figures for reach and page views clearly show that is growing at a faster rate,’ said Tony Fitzpatrick, Marketing Director of AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd, the company that operates the site from Muang Thong on the outskirts of Bangkok.

‘We are committed to developing an innovative and unique dating and social network offering,’ said Joseph O' Connor, Operations Director. ‘Our new dating services including Meet your Match and Make a Date have worked in well with our online chat and phone services’ he said. ‘We are also very much aware that it’s not just about technology and new features, but good old fashioned customer service.’

During 2008 and towards 2009, plans to:

• Place more emphasis on the home Thai market by developing a full Thai language offering for Thai men and women who speak limited or no English.
• Provide a more personal and interactive e-mail based 24hrs customer support programme from its Bangkok base headquarters.
• Increase marketing expenditure to increase the rate of growth but also to focus on a strong affiliate programme and Search Engine optimization campaign., operated by AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd currently employs 7 people at offices near IMPACT, the leading exhibition centre in Muang Thong Thani working in support and programming.

‘The site now has over 30,000 page views per day, but we reckon this could someday be as high as 2,000,000 per day, so that gives you some idea of the distance we have to go with this,’ says Joseph O’ Connor, Operations Director of AtlanticThai Internet Co Ltd. ‘We have scaled back our plans to expand the number of dating sites until we have made more progress in Thailand, the potential for a genuine Thai based dating site has opened our eyes.’