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Easier to manage the language barrier for Thai singles, women and foreigners

Many people in Thailand do not speak English and Thailand has some of the lowest scores for English speaking ability in the world. Yet many successful relationships between Thai women and foreigners to Thailand report that the language and cultural barrier, while being a major factor is overall a plus in the relationship.

In recent years TLL has been upgrading its foreign and Thai translations to allow native Thai speaking women to find love online as well as those speaking English.

Now we have provided an English/Thai translation s service in our Thai Chat Lines facility and also in our E-mail centre for reading emails.

Here's how it works:

  • Simply press the button option provided (see bottom image) to translate an email from English to Thai or Thai to English when you read it. In the coming months you will also see options for French, Dutch, German and Spanish once you are using this view mode.
  • In Thai Chat Lines press either TH or EN to have a corresponding translation on as you write and read.
  • This means for a foreigner you can see a Thai version of what you are writing to a Thai woman or if EN is pressed you will see her Thai response in English. Therefore it is recommended that you select EN while a Thai women might select TH to see the English response in Thai.
  • Both options can be switched off and on by selecting the small icons within the Thai Chat Lines panel on the interface.

Please contact our support ask for any further assistance with the Thai English online facility or any feedback as you use it.

Thai English language online

International dating and relationships between Thai women or men and partners from foreign countries does involve dealing with the culture barrier. There are many opinions and it is a good idea to find out more about Thai culture and the relati0onship environment in Thailand.

Please see our popular
Thai Dating News Centre:

Dating news, finding love in Thailand and worldwide for Thai women and Foreigners

Here are some tips:

  • In the majority of successful relationships the language and cultural barrier is identified as a key factor. However it is more oft ne a plus factor in relationships as each partner gains from the cultural exchange.
  • There are many successful relationships between Thai women and foreigners where the Thai partner began with little or no command of the English language.
  • However the ability to speak English or the foreign language of a the western country is an important aspect of settling in that foreign country. This translation tool will assist in this process allowing Thai women and men using the site to gain at least a rudimentary command of the language.

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Now Thai speaking Thai women and men can chat online with English speaking men and women worldwide
(Above) Top:Select the EN icon to see an English translation if you receive messages in Thai while if you are a native Thai speaker, you can press TH to see Thai translations of messages being received in English.(Below) Click on the translation button provided to see either a Thai or and English (also soon Dutch, French, German and Spanish) and the translation will appear above your message with the original shown below it.
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