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You need a photo profile and Premium membership but it's Free and easy

A Thai girl send a message to ThaiLoveLines: 'Dear TLL - I have just signed up. I want to chat with foreigners and find love online. How do I do?' This article answers that. Please read it carefully and fully.

There are many reasons people use dating sites and social networks. For those seeking friends and partners in Thailand or in foreign countries, TLL is the answer. ThaiLoveLines is designed specifically for international dating in a secure environment.Our site has helped thousands of users, in Thailand and across the globe, find relationships including marriage and friendships. To achieve this, we have designed a dating and social network experience which is more than a dating site or a list of online profiles. ThaiLoveLines (TLL) is a dating process which, ideally, each user should engage with. If used diligently, our dating and social network service is guaranteed to be successful at finding virtually anyone love and friendship online particularly in Thailand.

Dating profile approved

We assume that you already have a dating profile completed and approved - if not - click here for help in creating your online dating profile. Remember you should also have a photo uploaded and approved.

Secret: Premium membership is FREE to many Thai women with an approved photo profile

Within limits, ThaiLoveLines will offer a special Premium membership specifically to women in Thailand provided that they have a fully complete profile and that they have posted a photo online that is both attractive and shows a full facial profile.

To upload your photo:
After logging in, click on the photo icon. or click Manage Photos. to upload your photo.

If you are selected for our Promotion, you will receive a Premium upgrade email within 2-6 hours. Removal of the photo will result in the Premium membership being automatically rescinded. Once you have Premiummembership, you have the power to make tour TLL membership successful. But this requires you to be proactive in using our site on a daily basis.

Tips for finding a love partner on TLL :

  • Be active: The safest way to enjoy online dating is also the most effective way to find love online. Be active. Do not be shy. Make contacts with large numbers of men online. This is not a virtue contest but a way to begin meeting new friends and potential partners. TLL is not a list. If you are passive, you are more likely to attract the wrong sort of interest or no interest at all. You cannot be successful if you do not reach out and initiate contact with at least ten other dating profiles per day or twenty ideally. You should begin by building up a pool of outward connections. This will result in feedback and more contacts coming to you. These will be not just from those who you have targeted but also because our dating system prioritises activity. Your profile will be seen more widely. The more people you connect with, the more you have a chance of screening your prospective partners down to the best prospects. Many beautiful Thai women have given up in the past when they simply failed to reach out. This is a similar story to very eligible men using the site. Do not simply contact one or two profiles that you have selected. This is a recipe for failure.
  • Scammers: This is a the greatest threat to international dating. TLL bans outright certain countries in Africa from accessing its facilitiesand has a staffed security desk 24/7 together with an internal security system which detects suspicious activity. You should be aware of this issue but not at all worried. The best protection is awareness of the problem and also you and other users who report any profile which is suspect. Use the Abuse button. to report any suspicious profiles but very importantly, take time to read and understand what this threat is all about. Ironically, the more users you contact on TLL, the safer you are as these scammers will often target passive users. Passive users are those who post a dating profile and simply wait for a response. It is often more difficult for a user to accept if that one ideal prospect that has reached out online, turns out to be fake! Remember: you are safe if you are aware of this issue and if you are proactive by making many different connections.
  • Hard Work: This is the bad news. You must login at least twice a day over a a period of 30 days and go through dating profiles and create connections. This can become had work but we recommend that you keep reachingout until you have good list of genuine prospects or simply find the right one!.

Tips for making connections on TLL

  • Check your email: Initially do not be discouraged if you have no mail in your Inbox. Remember that TLL is not simply a list of profiles. If you receive communications, you should always respond even if they do not fit your requirement or you are not interested.Politeness is essential.
  • Online: Begin by going to the Online list. Here you should click and view all profiles you are interested in. Note: When you view or click on a profile, this shows interestedand will generate further reaction not just from this user.
  • Read all profiles: the photo will grab your attention but you should read the description and ideal match details to form an opinion together with the photograph. Some men, who are genuine, opt to not posts photos as a personal privacy mater. Our site discourages this as it reduces reaction and is less secure. Such profiles attract less attention.

Respond and activate connections - at least 20 per day by:

  • Send an Email.
  • Send a Flirt Message
  • Start a Chat IM session or send a Chat message (if the user is busy or not activeon the site).
  • Send a Social Network invite.

Read the Help Section to find out how all the dating tools work if you do not know exactly already.

Premium View and activities

As a Premium user you will have an extra panel to see the last three matches and other users who have viewed your profile. From your home page or Members Control Centre you can view many lists of users you are interested in or who have expressed an interest in you. From this page explore the followingfacilities:

  • My Interests
  • Your Social Network
  • Email centre: view the lists menus in your Inbox and Out box
  • Meet your Match: rate other members
  • Match Centre
  • Singles Gallery
  • Online list***
  • Users profiles
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search

Email messages and Indirect messaging

You should have a number of email messages to send in English but remember that you can also send these in Thai and they will be able to be translatedby the TLL translationfacility.Do not send the same email message over and over again. Indirect messagingsuch as Flirts, Social Network invite are also very useful to generate reaction.

Using TLL pages, Matching, Chat

ThaiLoveLines is a whole range of dating activities designed to increase your chances of finding the right connection leading to Mr. Right and a better life. There are a whole range of facilities you should know how use such as:

  • Daily Matching: Your ideal match is the start point. You should go to the Match Centre and adjustyour Match settings if you are not receiving matches daily within 7 days.
  • Enhanced View: As a Premium member your enhanced view will show the 3 latest users who have viewed you and your latest matches. Find how how to access the My Matches list and Who Viewed Me list. Remember the more outgoing messages you create, the more chance you will see more users in your contacts lists including a better overall response to your profilefrom all users. Each list has different response options. In your My Interests lists, you can send users you have contacted a Hi message to remind them of your interest.
  • Thai Chat Lines: Find out how to use Thai Chat Lines IM messaging and Chat. You should initiate chat at least two or three times with other users when you are engaging in a dating session.
  • Use Meet your Match to rate new photo profiles each day without fail.
  • Mates: Use the Users list to review older and newer dating profiles of users who are not online often or who may have dropped off. These are men who have made the mistake of not being active enough. It's often surprising how or where your will find the right person. Your message may have more impact with these users and spark a relationship. Similarly it can be productive to look at older profiles but the longer you go back, the less productive this will be, obviously. An eight week period is ideal.

How it all works

It is a good idea to review our Help Section and the various site tours and FAQ section which may help you understand the site. Also if you have a query, send us the details in English or Thai by email to our Support Desk and we willendeavour to send you a response within 24 hours.

Time to create favorites

When you have generated 40 lines of one to one communications or more, you may already have started to label some favorites. You may have used this as an outgoing indirect message but after two to three weeks you should have over 40 genuine contacts made by email or chat messaging. This means direct one to one contact. It depends on the individual. You may only have four or five but we recommend more. We also recommend using ThaiLoveLines for the processing for finalising a relationship and keeping a record of your contacts and interactions. Of course, our site has many different types of users including those who simply seek friendship and email chat. TLL has thousands of members like this who have been online for over 10 years!

Premium membership(unlimited) for Thai women without posting a photo

Premium membership starts at $19.99 for one month, $39.99 for three months, $69.99 for six months and $119.99 for twelve months.

As well as all major credit cards and debit cards, you can pay by Western Union, PayPal, ATM, Bank transfer or even Cash!

Our Premium Membership is a once off transaction. There is no repeat billing!

Upgrade here in minutes. Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

Chat with foreigners in minutes across the world
Chat with foreigners in minutes across the world
Chat with foreigners in minutes across the world
Chat with foreigners in minutes across the world
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