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Use the Skype button on ThaiLoveLInes to make your own Skype Dating lists for chat, photo exchange and video calls

Skype on ThaiLoveLines lets you build your own Skype Dating list for successful Thai World Dating online. It's a very simple. We recommend that you download Skype. You can do that here or in the page links panel.

Download Skype now here:

Download Skype

Skype is very quick to download and easy to install. There is a mobile and desktop version. For Thai language users there is also a Thai version which detects the settings on your phone or online device.

Starting to find TLL users on Skype

Once you have Skype installed, you are ready to contact users with Skype buttons. If you have entered your Skype details while registering then you should have a Skype button in display to Premium users. Skype is a Premium function reserved for Premium users on ThaiLoveLines for security reasons. Your Skype button shows your Skype ID when pressed and a message appears which directs users to your profile on Skype once Skype is active. We recommend setting up Skype contacts manually by using the Search button or icon to locate the ThaiLoveLines users on Skype and then sending the a contact request. ThaiLoveLines is a World Dating site so contacts will be spread throughout the world. Skype displays the users country, country code and time zone.

Here is a quick guide to how Skype works on ThaiLoveLines:
  • Make sure your Skype ID is visible to other ThaiLoveLines Premium users.
  • If you have not registered already go to to the Skype registration page or press the Skype registration button shown here. You can also insert your Skype ID from the Account Registration page in My Control Panel. There is also a special Skype and ThaiLoveLine World Dating link from your Members Control Center.
  • Simply insert your Skype ID and choose your privacy setting between public and favorites.
  • If you do not have Skype ID then you need to download the Skype software and also create a Skype account. It's simply involves choosing an available Skype name, enetring your date of birth, email and password. You can enter your Skype details on ThaiLoveLines at anytime.
  • Once your Skype details have been entered your Skype button will appear to Premium users on ThaiLoveLines.
  • You can click on the Skype icon. Click and a dialog box will appear showing the Skype ID of the ThaiLoveLines user.
  • There is also message which can automatically bring you to that user on Skype if Skype is active online anyhwere in the world. We recommend doing this manually as Skype is still a username based system and it is good to do a Skype search before adding any Skype ID. The process is automatic if your press the button which says 'Already have Skype’. It will take you the Skype profile of this user if the Skype ID is still active. It is a matter of preference and how the facility works on your mobile or desktop device. The automatic link is easier to use on desktop.
  • You can copy the username from the dialog box to Skype. Select the search icon (magnifying glass) and enter the Skype ID. It will call up the username if accurate and other similar names.
  • Once you are satisfied that the user in Skype matches the TLL profile you can add them as a contact on Skype. This is an invite that must be accepted.
  • On Skype, once accepted, you can send messages, make phone calls, video calls and leave video messages anywhere in the world online.
Skype Online on ThaiLoveLines - real Thai World Dating

There is an online Skype list on ThaiLoveLines which shows you users currently online who have a Skype ID. It is a tab bar on the Online now and Chat Online pages.

Favorites Only Skype button

This button appears when you have selected favorites only as your Skype privacy setting. It means that only users that you have added as favorites can see your Skype ID.

Some benefits of Skype
  • You can go to the users Skype account from TLL and see if they are active there. If not you can leave a message. This message begins a continuous chat with that user.
  • Skype allows you to phone users for FREE anywhere in the world as part of your dating campaign. You can also use the Skype phone service. From a mobile device, the quality is better than normal calls.
  • You can make normal phone calls through Skype by uploading credit to your account. Set up a list of contacts with telephone numbers and you can ring them at anytime, anywhere in the world, using the old fashioned telephone network.
  • Your Skype contacts from TLL stay on Skype account even if your Premium membership on ThaiLoveLines has lapsed or finished. Of course we recommend using both applications.
  • You can exchange photos and videos on Skype using its file exchange system as part of your continuous chat conversation.
  • You can make excellent video calls from Skype for which it is famous from both your PC/Laptop device or smartphone.
Security on ThaiLoveLines & Skype

We recommend Skype as a good channel for live video calls. Please be aware that some people involved in scams may play you a video recording after you phone on Skype to simulate a live calls. An extended live Skype video call is recommended as a good way to validate the user at the end of the line. We recommend that you also use the secure Thai Chat Lines feature with translated text to setup such rendezvous.

Use ThaiLoveLines and Skype - World Dating

We recommend that you use TLL facilities securely initially for all contact. Once trust has been developed we recommend that you validate the users through a Skype video in addition to other facilities. The two facilities area winning team for finding love in Thailand.

Set up your Skype ID on ThaiLoveLines - Click here
Set up your Skype ID on ThaiLoveLines - Click here
(Above) With the Skype button on ThaiLoveLines you can easily use Skype to make a Skype Dating lits as well as making free Skype phone and video calls. It's easy and secure. A great way to deepen new relationships online. Download the Skyp programme or App to get Skype working and use the Skyp buttons to locate your TLL friends on Skype. (Below) Once you have a Skype ID or username simply enter it into the Skype ID field and choose your privacy options. Go to My Control Panel (Amend Registration) or even easier the Skype ID panel (Click any image here or where you see on the Members Control Centre)
Set up your Skype ID on ThaiLoveLines - Click here
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