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Nice Guys come last :) 
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Personal Message
I'm a Self proclaimed nice guy, a little rough around the edges but at the heart of me you'll find loyal to a fault, genuine, loving person who once has gotten to know someone new would do anything for a friend / partner even at the expense of sacrificing his own needs for theirs.

Teddy the poser corgi is my best mate, like all good dogs are to human kind. He shares common qualities with myself, loyal to a fault, a cutie when he applies himself and just down right nice guy. He's a big part of my life so a liking of Dogs would be a necessary.

My hobbies range from a wide range of strange and wonderful things, examples of which are costume design, armor making, Animatronics, Bush walks, 8 ball, organizing sort of house of horror events etc etc, on a whole if you're the creative sort of person we'd get along well :).

Music tastes range in just about everything, although I have a particular unquenchable hankering for Vocal Trance, all other genres are good, although I have a tendency to dislike rap in its many forms.

What I offer to a partner is honesty, loyalty, devotion, and stick to it ness. I hope there is another person like this out there, honesty is key to any good relationship.
Scottie (43948) describes himself as Easygoing, Sensual and Sensitive. His outlook on life is Independent, Optimistic and Spiritual and his goals are Family, Fun and Knowledge. He likes to hang out with Average and he enjoys eating Thai, Indian and Italian food. He prefers to listen to New-age music. His main hobbies include Outdoors, Tv/movies and Animals and his favourite sport is Jogging.
Personal Details
Age: 41
Astrology sign: Leo
Region: Canterbury, New Zealand
City/Town: Christchurch
Seeking: Marriage
Height: 5'11" (180cm)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Appearance: Average
Religion: Other Belief
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Smoker: No
Drinking: Yes sometimes
Marital Status: Single
Children: No
Education: Some College
Employment: Full-time
Income: 41 - 60k
Last Visited: 19/02/2019
Describe who you are looking for
I am looking for a: Females
Aged between :18 - 32
Smoker :No
Relationship :Marriage
Height between : 4'0" (122cm) - 7'7" (230cm)
Appearance :Attractive
My ideal match :
I'm looking for a nice decent down to earth happy go lucky lady.
Not too picky when it comes to looks as I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I relate to people well that have a good sense of humor and that are honest, and straight up.

Someone with an internal fire would inspire me to new heights, giving as good as I get is in my blood a spark would set off the bonfire inside of me, leading to romance, flowers, and numerous signs of love and appreciation.

Hopefully that person exists in real life as well as online :).

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