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Personal Message
I am an American with a strong character who is not shy about sharing my opinions. I have strong desires and often know what course to set. That does not mean I can not listen. Still I know what I choose in life. I desire an Asian lady for many reasons not to mention Asian ladies are best looking on the planet. I am very romantic and physical which includes cuddling, kissing, hugging, etc. I am very technically oriented with technology and computers. I also have many house skills like repairing plumbing, electrical items, fixing drywall, etc. I love learning and continue my education into all kinds of subjects including technology, computers, house repair, ocean, sharks, dinosaurs, space, energy, etc. I am easy going and generally keep things lighthearted. I love humor and believe you should laugh and enjoy life as much as possible, so I joke around quite often. Life is meant to be fun! Are you having fun? "Why do sharks like salt water?... Because pepper water makes them sneeze!". Hardy har har. There is so much more. Let's chat and learn about each other...
Jeremy (440707) describes himself as Playful, Outspoken and Humorous. His outlook on life is Traditional, Spiritual and Ambitious and his goals are Wealth, Fun and Serenity. He likes to hang out with Entreprenuers, Technical or Professionals and he enjoys eating BBQ, Hispanic and Italian food. He prefers to listen to Classical, Country and Easy listening music. His main hobbies include Computers and Music and his favourite sport is Swimming.
Personal Details
Age: 42
Astrology sign: Virgo
Region: Georgia, USA
City/Town: Atlanta*
Seeking: Long-term
Height: 6'0" (182cm)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Appearance: Average
Religion: Other Belief
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Smoker: No
Drinking: Yes sometimes
Marital Status: Single
Children: No
Education: Some College
Employment: Full-time
Income: 61 - 80k
Last Visited: 02/02/2021
Describe who you are looking for
I am looking for a: Females
Aged between :25 - 34
Smoker :No
Relationship :Long-term
Height between : 4'0" (122cm) - 7'7" (230cm)
Appearance :Attractive
My ideal match :
For starters my life partner (marriage) should be an Asian lady. There are many reasons for this view point (we may discuss them). I prefer my partner to have long hair. Also cooking ability is preferred as I can't cook. I am very open to trying your country's food and dishes minus any seafood or fish (or other odd meat only chicken, turkey, beef, or pork). As for character traits she should be easy going, love humor, and be curious about life. She should like physical romance like hugging, kissing, cuddling, etc along with other romantic gestures. I also believe women should be feminine in nature. The sexes are meant to be different. Yen-Yang. I believe a man should steady his lady when needed. All straight women want a strong well balanced man. So chat me up and we may talk about all kinds of topics. If you are a feminist keep scrolling as you will not appreciate me holding the door open for you and doing things you think a man should not do for an independent woman. I am not a feminist but understand women want love, attention, and respect. Yes I am real and can prove it with video chatting. I am open to learning about your culture and food. Note: If you can't add a picture to your profile don't bother contacting me.

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