Foreign men dating Thai women learn that Thai Love is slightly different.

Foreign men discover that Thai women love Thailand and Thai culture also.

If you are thinking about dating Thai women, try to understand a little about Thai culture and social manners. To Thai women, love of Thailand and its culture is part of their identity. Foreign men should not underestimate this.

A diplomatic incident illustrates the importance of this. In April, 1998 the wife of a Finnish diplomat apologised for striking a young Thai boy after he reportedly showered her with water in Pattaya. The incident happened during a favourite Thai festival, Songkran, in which Thai people shower each other with water and flour to celebrate the New Year. For days, Thai men and women all over the country travel in groups by truck or other vehicles engaging in childish behaviour on the streets. Foreign men should understand that the Thai women , they are dating, love their tradition and having fun is part of it. Thai women frown upon corporal punishment so that when the farang woman struck the boy, it was no surprise that police had to be called as an angry crowd developed.

Three key rules to remember when dating Thai women

There are three key things to remember for foreign men dating Thai women in Thailand. These cardinal rules will help to guide you and make your Thai dating experience both online and on a visit to Thailand, a success. They are:

  • Try to smile as much as possible and be polite.
  • Do not lose your temper even if it is entirely justified.
  • Respect the Thai King, Thailand and Thai culture.

Thai women love Thailand

Most Thai women live in rural areas, in spite of the large cities, and this is bedrock of Thai society. Thai women have deeply rooted traditional values such as respect for their parents, the elderly and authority. But Thai women not only love fun, its part of their culture. Thai women like to do something when it is 'sanuk' meaning fun. For instance, Thai women love eating with other Thai women, entertaining each other. Many foreign men will see a contradiction here. How do you balance the importance attached to days spend hurling water at each other with this apparent respect for authority? And there's more. Thailand means 'land of the free' yet Thai women display devotion and reverence for authority. This is the enigma that foreign men find so difficult to understand when it comes to dating Thai women. But it is very real. Thai women openly embrace their culture and love of Thailand at all levels of society.

Thai women - a slightly different attitude to love and feelings

You will find fairly quickly that Thai women prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. Even at the expense of the truth. Thai women abhor anger or unpleasant behaviour. They will smile at you if you get angry even if they might, at that moment, detest you on the inside. Thai women are trained to hide their true feelings, this is their nature. This contrasts with prevailing trends in western society where bluntness is a character trait that is highly rated. Thai women will accept fate and try not to complain, where possible. This is also a trait that runs counter to western culture at this time. Thai women and Thai people in general are a happy go lucky people who respect each other and this is greatly to their credit. This is what Thai women call freedom.

To understand Thai women is to understand Buddhism

The origin of many facets, attributable to the behaviour Thai women , is the country's dominant religion: Buddhism. Many Buddhists believe that your current life is influenced by the amount of good deeds from a previous life and thus your next life will be influenced by how you behave in this current life. It is a peaceful religion that discourages extremism. It trains Thai women to put great emphasis on the middle ground and the right of all people to live their life as they think best.

Many Thai women believe in ghosts

Another interesting thing about Thai women is their fascination and belief in ghosts. Most Thai women believe that ghosts should be placated and treated with respect. Many western men will also be surprised at how seriously Thai women take astrology and how superstitious they can be. Many Thai women are deeply superstitious believing in astrology as a guide to when to undertake projects or sanction them. Thai women are also currently fascinated by numerology.

Visiting Thailand while dating Thai women - a pitfall for foreign men.

Some western men find the alien culture in Thailand stressful particularly on a first visit, while other revel in the respect shown by Thai women and people in general. Both instances can lead to macho behaviour which many Thai women will consider not polite. Remember your manners when you decide to visit Thailand, it is quality that is valued.

Smile and the Thai Women smile with you

Thai women are essentially very friendly, helpful and generous. One of the keys to success when dating Thai women is to smile brightly and as often as possible. It has to be said that this is true in all societies but Thai women pay particular attention to a smiling, happy disposition. Thai women associate your smile and happiness with being a good person, a lucky person. If you can combine this with politeness and good manners, you are well on your way to finding love in Thailand.

First Thai words when dating Thai women: Sawat dee krap

The standard greeting in Thailand is Sawat Dee (meaning Good luck). To be polite, Thai men add 'krap' and Thai women add 'ka'. It is unusual to shake hands while greeting, however if you are a foreign man, Thai women might do so out of politeness. A polite nod of your head and a smile will get you far. A valued form of greeting in Thailand is the 'wai' where your hands are put together around the nose area and a little bow is made, the higher your hands and the deeper the bow, the more respect you show. Any farang visiting Thailand should learn to do this particularly if meeting the parents of a future Thai marriage partner. It is normally a sign of respect to someone of a higher status. You will see it often executed beautifully in hotels although you will not be expected to respond. A simple, sincere and polite nod of your head will be appreciated. The Thais have great respect for the head which is the most sacred part of the body. Never touch somebody's head without good reason. Be careful not to gesture with your hands or your feet or indeed any sudden or violent movements.

Thai women i love the Thai King

Certainly the most important thing to remember when dating in Thailand is to show respect for Thailand, its government and the Thai King. You will find that all Thai women love and revere their monarch and this is true of all Thai women from all ages and backgrounds. It is hard for foreign men to truly grasp this. Be careful not to disrespect the Thai King in anyway particularly while in public. Thai women will not only be extremely upset but you may also risk sparking real trouble with the police as it is a crime to speak badly about the King in Thailand. You will notice immediately on arrival in Thailand the reverence for the King from pictures of the King, the Queen and the Royal family to songs and anthems on TV and radio. You will see the King and the Thai Royal family honoured on all broadcast media at least twice every day at 8am and 6pm. If you hear or are present at some performance or when the anthem is played, show respect, stand up and do not talk. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 150,000 members and growing rapidly …

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Thai women love Thailand, its culture and the Thai King. Foreign men must understand this.

Thai women love Thailand: Foreign men learn quickly that Thai women pay more than lip service to love of their country, their culture and the monarchy in Thailand. You will find thousands of attractive Thai Ladies and singles seeking soul mates in our Thai Women's Photo Gallery.

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