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Keys to success at Thai internet dating for singles

Friday 22nd April 2011 5:26pm

Thai internet dating sites work, it's official

Research conducted by our dating site over a six month period shows that a whopping 55% of dating members had successfully found a new life partner within twelve months of joining the No.1 Thai dating site.

A staggering 77% of dating site users said that they had found numerous potential life partners and friends online. The research paints a very positive picture of Thai internet dating. One strong growth area and trend is that many young Thai professionals are breaking away from more traditional courting customs and using the internet dating sites not only find potential life partners but also for short-term relationships and general social interaction. Another key pattern is the growing ex-pat community in Thailand now using internet dating sites regularly for short-term dating or to find a long term partner or even a wife in Thailand. But the ongoing success of Thai dating sites finding real relationships, on a consistent basis, between foreigners and Thai singles from all over Thailand, continues.

This new Thai dating information is reflected in the growing number of Thai communities in most foreign countries and most significantly in the Kingdom of Thailand where marriages between Thai singles and foreigners are now 'quite common'. One marriage registration office in central Bangkok reports that two of three marriages registrations everyday is between a foreigner and a Thai single. 'Most foreign marriage now happen on the internet, in dating sites, every time we ask where they meet and it is always the same,' says a Thai government official. The scale of the phenomenon of foreigners marrying Thai women has meant that these marriages are now a real factor in overall foreign investment into Thailand.

There is a lot to be aware of particularly if you are a foreigner to Thailand and contemplating using a Thai internet dating site to find your future life partner or simply joining a Thai dating site to expand your social life.

Here are a few pointers that should help you understand the process:
  • You will be pleasantly surprised at the level of interest and the reaction to your internet dating profile if you are thorough and serious in your preparation. This means taking the time to compose your dating site profile as well as researching and composing your message to Thai singles on the dating site. A range of attractive dating photographs is essential and you should take the time to do his well.
  • A personal experience: While Thai internet dating sites have revolutionized long distance or inter-racial dating, they have also empowered Thai singles who use the dating sites. Remember that this is still a personal experience. Internet dating sites in Thailand are not dating agencies or any such thing. Internet dating sites provide the communication tools for real singles to meet over the internet making it easier, more effective and fun. However the key to success is to works at it in the old fashioned way of dating and courting. It's also meant to be fun. Indeed fun or sanuk is an integral part of the old traditional Thai dating experience.
  • Make connections and more connections: many of the most successful dating site users who have found true love on our Thai dating site report approaching the process in a 'structured' or 'orderly' manner. One of the key messages to emerge from our research was that successful dating on the internet involves a disciplined approach, preparation and making an effort. So it is advisable to use all the dating tools on the internet site to make contact with as many people as possible. 'Forget about placing an ad and then expecting the love fairy godmother to send in Prince Charming,' said one Thai single is response to our questionnaire. This interaction makes the dating site experience more exciting, more fun but also ultimately more effective. A successful experience on a Thai dating site should mean that that there will be many possible or potential future partners and may involve a few bitter sweet goodbye e-mails at the conclusion.
  • Thai Dating security: You should be aware that security is a key issue for long distance or international dating sites. You should use the tools on the Thai dating site you are using without publishing you external contact details. Thai dating sites like ThaiLoveLines employ security systems and a security programme that protect dating site users online. The protection offered to members is that their id is confidential until they have developed a strong relationship of trust with a friend or possible life partner. 'This is difficult for dating site users to grasps at first' says June Sitthinan, a senior team member in Bangkok. 'They think that if they give out their external id, it is more private. Nothing could be further from the truth. Security is not a problem provided our dating site members follow our security advice otherwise it can derail the dating process.'
  • Visit Thailand: Many international dating site members decide at some point to visit Thailand as part of the dating process usually the culmination of months of internet dating and meeting Thai singles online. This is recommended. Many of those who have been successful at using our Thai dating site report that a plan to visit at some point in the future combined with developing a shortlist of potential life partners or friends was a key part of their Thai dating plan. This visit can also coincide with a well earned vacation. We advice all members to visit Thailand for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Language is a key factor: Many Thai singles do not speak English well but, in general, this obstacle can be overcome provided the Thai dating site member has some rudimentary English. Many foreign singles have reported that this issue, while initially posing a challenge while using the dating site, eventually became part of the charm of the experience and the relationship they had found online. One respondent reported 'I still get a kick out of Golf's English and it is a personal joke between us.'
  • 12 Month project: One of the other common dating patterns that emerges is that the whole process takes about 12 months from initial dating site membership application to meeting someone online to a visit to Thailand and after a relationship has been established, the whole question of visas and relocation. It is now not uncommon for foreigners, particularly older ones to relocate to Thailand for retirement or, in the age of the internet, a change of business location. There is often a gap in this process where the dating partners conduct an online relationship which can be very challenging for both parties. The use of the internet becomes essential here again for low cost one to one communication over long distances although, in the majority of cases, the partners had cancelled their respective Thai dating accounts. continues to conduct research on Thai dating trends as part of our ongoing business development process. You can read snippets of Thai internet dating success stories online. In summary, Thai internet dating is the key to opening up a relationship in Thailand or expanding your social life. However it is a journey that requires personal responsibility, commitment and effort. If approached in this way, there is a high probability that it will be a successful and enjoyable experience. Others are doing it everyday, so can you? is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Thai Singles now use Thai Dating Sites to find a Life Partner.
Thai Singles particularly young professionals now use Thai Dating Sites to find a Life Partner or for ongoing social interaction.
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