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Registration ABC, create a full profile and picture

You need a public profile in order to be visible on ThaiLoveLines and interact with other users or members. This is the first step you take towards meeting others online; register (Step A) and create a profile (Step B & C). Please also remember the following:

  1. To interact positively with other users you must be logged into the site. This can often by automatic but if you are not logged in please enter your Member ID and Password into one of the login areas. You can find these at the top right of key pages. You can also login from the site's home page where there is also a link to page to set your login settings. But first you must have a Member ID and Password which you receive when you register.
  2. Your first step after completing your profile here should be to upload a photograph to the site to bring life and provoke reaction to your profile.

Creating your profile

When you have finished Steps A, B and C, you will be directed to the log in page where you can access your own Members Control Centre. This page takes about three minutes on average to complete. Most of the questions here are multiple choices. Also remember that you can always change your profile settings afterwards from your Members Control Centre. If you are unable to complete Steps B or C or encounter a computer problem or disruption, you may login with your registration details and complete your profile which will be displayed for you. But it is best to finish the process in one go (ABC).

There are three steps to registration and profile creation (ABC). After this there is an optional page with additional information and a personality profile. But you will be already registered by then. You can then view a page confirming your membership and details and allowing you to log on to the site and familiarise yourself with the facilities. It can take 2-24 hours to have your profile fully approved and promoted to other users.

A. Basic registration information

Here is a guide to the registration fields if you require assistance.

  1. First name: This is important. It is used on some emails and profiles concerning you. We do not accept usernames or handles. This should be your personal name. Please note that a username or genuine first name will result in your registration and profile being rejected.
  2. Last name: This will never be shown. It is for security purposes.
  3. E-mail address: Please insure that this is correct. You will need it to receive alerts from us about other members who are interested in you. Also when you have registered, check your In Box that you have received your Registration e-mail. You need to be able to receive important registration information. Please take time to study our Easy e-mail programme where you can switch on/off or limit all external e-mail.
  4. Password: Again keep it simple and easy to remember. It must be between six and ten characters.

B. Your public profile

This is easier as many of the fields are multiple choices. However you might want to take time to compose a good headline and copy. You can also update your profile later but your profile must be substantial in order to be approved and promoted online.

  1. Country: Multiple choice. All countries are here.
  2. State: In some countries this could be county or another regional breakdown. You will see an automatic choice for your country. You can also insert a custom value here if your region is not included.
  3. City/Town: If your town, area, village is not included, choose the centre nearest to yours. You can also insert a custom value here if your town or area is not included.
  4. Date of birth: Day-Month-Year.
  5. Sex: Don't forget to put this in! The system will bring you back to it when you register.
  6. Seeking: What sort of relationship you are looking for?
  7. Appearance: Which best describes you ?
  8. Height: Yours? Multiple choice.
  9. Children: Have you? Multiple choice.
  10. Eye colour :Yours? Multiple choice.
  11. Smoker: Are you? Multiple choice.
  12. Religion: Yours? Multiple choice.
  13. Ethnicity: Yours? Multiple choice.
  14. Education: Yours? Multiple choice.
  15. Employment: Yours? Multiple choice.
  16. Income: Yours? Multiple choice.
  17. Drinking: Do you drink alcohol ? Multiple choice.
  18. Seeking: Do not forget to click these either one or two.
  19. Title: What headline describes you in the most positive light? (Be happy and positive).
  20. Message: See our tips for your profile page. But make it uplifting and also honest.

2. Your ideal match

Be careful here not to narrow your range of possibilities. However give as much detail as possible. Other members appreciate that.

  1. Looking for: Male, female or both.
  2. State: Age between youngest and oldest.
  3. Height: Shortest to Tallest.
  4. Smoker: Do you want to date a smoker or not? Multiple choice.
  5. Appearance: What sort appearance should your partner or lover have? Do you want someone very attractive or is average all right with you?
  6. Relationship: Describe the nature of the relationship you are ideally looking for.
  7. Ideal Match: Describe the ideal friend or partner you are looking for. The more detail, the better will be the response to your profile.

PRESS Register Now. You are now registered and your profile has been submitted for approval.

You will then be forwarded to an 'additional profile information page' which you may skip but which allows you to enter the following:

Personality Portrait :This is a quick review of your personality which we recommend that you complete. You must choose one choice in each field

Skype name : If you have a Skype Id, input it here. If not, don't worry. You can click on the link on this page and register for Skype. It only takes 4-5 bits of information. You can always input this information later in your Registration page from your Members Control Centre. You can also find out more about Skype later.

Do not be frustrated if the system asks you to fill in blank fields. It is important to get this right. You will be directed to the 'Personality Portrait' which can be filled in seconds. Simply choose one option from each list. Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

Register for Free, it's as easy as ABC
Register for Free, it's as easy as ABC
You can set your login settings on Thailand's leading dating site
Find out how to upload your photos on ThaiLoveLines
Find out how to upload your photos on ThaiLoveLines
Find out how to upload your photos on ThaiLoveLines
(Above)Take the time on your profile. It will represent you. Do not forget that your photo is the key to success with any profile. (Below) When you are complete, you can log on to our Members Control page and begin your love quest.
Find out about your Members Control Centre for Thai Dating
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