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For mobile devices all you need is the Skype app
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Using Skype has never been easier, here’s some things you might need

Skype lets you chat, phone and make video calls very easily. The Thai World dating experience is enhanced through quick chat, phone calls or video calls. Leave audio or video messages across the world for your dating partners that you have met on ThaiLoveLines. If you’re using a smartphone or mobile devices chance sare all you need to is the Skype app. Once your Skype app is working all you need is to get your TLL Skype button working on your favorite Thai Dating Site.

To find out how to set up Skype simply click the button here:

This guide just takes you through what you might need to make Skype work on your PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Smartphones: All you need is to download the app. If you are using Skype on ThaiLovelines then you can open the Skype while online. ThaiLoveLines has a spertate page on how to use Skype. Your smartphone allows you to chat, make free phone calls and video calls all through the Skype mobile app. To set it up download the Skype app from the Google Play Store or Apple store.

Tablet: The same as smartphones. Some people use a headset with tablets as they are bigger and allow more freedom while talking.

Laptop: Your Laptop should have a built in camera and microphone ideally. Otherwise you may require a headset and microphone. Skype allows you to test both on its PC application for audio and video quality/settings.

PC: Here if you are using an old fashioned PC with a monitor then you may require a webcam facility to be installed on the computer and fitting near the monitor. This is only if you wish to conduct audio visual communication. Otherwise a headset with microphone will allow you to make phone calls to other users while chat simply require your PC and monitor.

Operating Skype is convenient:

You can set your PC/Laptop to open Skype when you boot your device automatically. For mobile devices you simply click the app button to launch Skype. Your Skype account can be used on all devices and will be synced between them . You can have Skype open simultaneously on both your PC device and on your mobile device.

Click here to register for Skype and TLL and get the Skype button switched on. On smartphone all you need to your app installed and working.
Click here to register for Skype and TLL and get the Skype button switched on. On Laptops you may need a headset for video calls.
(Above) Using Skype on your mobile device or smartphone is so easy. Just downlaod the app from your app store, load it and create a Skype username. Then register that Skype username, if you haven't already, on the Skype TLL registration page. Access this from My Control Panel or any of the Skype links. Also simply click the image above. On your PC and lapton you download the programme and create a Skype ID. With a PC device you may require a headset for video calls and a more old fashioned PC may require an external webcam.
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