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Webcam photo capture for profile photos
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If you don't have a file, use your webcam to post a photo

Easy to place your photo if you have a webcam. The new Photo webcam facility on ThaiLoveLines allows users to easily upload their phtos via webcam. Please note that a high quality camera photo file is probably better. We recommend that you only use this facility if you do not have access to a personal photo file or camera. You will also need a webcam attached.

Here's how the ThaiLoveLines Webcam photo upload facility works:

  • Click Webcam upload from your Manage Images Panel which can be accessed by clicking Manage Photos on your Members Control Centre page.
  • You will see a page asking for permission to connect to your webcam. If none is detected, it will tell you. Also be sure that your webcam is connected to your computer.
  • You should see a live image from your webcam in the picture capture window. You should make sure that there is as much light as possible to make your webcam/builtin device photo bright and warm. Your webcam photo may be rejected by site administration if is too dark or does not meet our guidelines. A Guide to a good photograph is attached to this Help Section page.
  • You will see a button: Capture Image. Press this when you are happy with the image in the screen capture box. The buttons will now change and you will see your capture photo has now become a button allowing you to save the image. You may also press a button on the left to have the photo retaken if you are not happy.
  • Once you Capture the image you will see it uploading to your account.
  • You can then crop your photograph. Note: you should make sure it is within the shape dimensions shown. This is easy with the photo cropper.
  • You can now save your photo to your account for approval. Repeat this process for extra profile photos.

Take steps to make sure your webcam photo is of good quality.

Key issues and tips:

  • Make sure your room space or environment is well lit. Try to create a bright and warm atmosphere. Try to create more colour in the webcam photograph by wearing bright clothes.
  • If you are use a tablet computer or smartphone with a webcam or built in camera, this faclity should work.
  • Tilt your head or body to make the photograph more interesting. Don't forget to smile. You could be looking at someone very speacial to you in the future!
  • Adjust your webcam or computer/phone (if built in) to make sure that your photograph is vertically balanced and that your portrait is clearly within the picture frame. Obscure or badly taken photographs may well be rejected by our profile editors.
  • We recommend that you submit more than one webcam photograph with a variety of poses and configurations.
  • If you are using a Smartphone and have difficulty uploading photographs, please forward them by e-mail to If your e-mail is similar to the one registered on your ThaiLoveLines account, it will be upoaded by our support staff for you.

All photos uploaded through webcam may take up to 24 hours to be approved by our profile editors. If a photograph is rejected, you will receive an e-mail detailing the reason Support Desk (Click here) or e-mail

(Above) Our Webcam photo capture faclity is very easy to use. We recommend this facility only for situations where a camera photo file is not available. The reasons for this is that, in general, webcam photographs are of a lower quality. However if using this faclity with a builtin camera on a handheld device, this may be an ideal way to provide lively photographs for your profile. Photos will resize themselves to a maximum viewing size but may take time to upload if they have large file sizes. You will see the status of the photos in your Manage Photos panel.
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