There is so much more to Thailand than Go Go bars

Thai Nightlife is one part of the entertainment on offer to visitors to Thailand.

From exotic Thai cuisine to Go-Go bars, the excitement of Thailand knows no bounds for the foreign visitor with a fantastic array of music venues, shopping and restaurants to suit every budget and taste.

Thailand is the one of the most exciting places on earth for entertainment and thrills. From the bustling and throbbing metropolis of Bangkok where the array of clubs, the music and nightlife are endless to a host of world class music venues and international events dotted throughout the country, Thailand is guaranteed to excite the senses.

Explore the Thai nightlife with friends or make a date with a Thai girl

Many members team up with a friend or group of friends on an initial visit Thailand. In this way it is possible to spend some nights exploring the nightlife attractions of Bangkok or Pattaya while using other nights for romantic dates with beautiful Thai girls who you may have met online.

Thailand offers the best of both worlds - this is also true of Thai nightlife

What is truly amazing about Thailand is the contrast between the unique culture which pervades every aspect of life including its nightlife and western culture, with its convenience, both of which have been blended throughout Thailand making it truly a dream destination. You can experience the unique Thai culture from food to manners while all the conveniences of home like fast food outlets, 24hr shopping and internet access are freely and conveniently available.

Come to Thailand to see the movies!

In Bangkok you will find world class music acts regularly visiting the Thai capital as well as the latest in cinema offerings in deluxe new venues. Ticket prices are incredibly low. The Paragon cinema complex in Bangkok offers a a choice of no less than 5 different types of seating all the way up to First class tickets with fully reclinable seats, blankets and waiter service.

Thai Go-Go bars

Thailand's famous Go-Go bars are also an unforgettable experience. These can be found in various regional centres but Bangkok and particularly Pattaya have whole areas of entertainment centres.You must remember however that these venues are in effect fronts for prostitution where a bar fine is paid by the customer to take the lady out of the venue early and a separate payment for services rendered. While it is possible to stroll through the Go Go centres of Bangkok (Nana and Soi Cowboy) and Pattaya savouring the atmosphere, when you enter these venues you will be offered expensively prices drinks and this proposition.

Thai food - another one of Thailand's nightlife attractions

Many visitors to Thailand fall in love with Thai cuisine with its hot chili dishes a specialty.The large variety of Thai dishes and ingredients are part of the appeal.Thai food is reputed for an enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices as well as a unique fish sauce. There are five principle flavours in each dish - spicy, sour, sweet, bitter and salty. Thai food is defined by four local cuisines corresponding to the four principle regions of the country: Northern, Issaan Central and Southern. Thai cuisine has been greatly influenced by its neighbors, especially India, China, Laos and Malaysia. Many dishes are, in fact, identical to Chinese dishes but adapted to local tastes. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 150,000 members and growing rapidly …

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Siam Paragon cinema complex in Bangkok is worth a visit. Thailand offers western convenience with a unique approach to everything.

(Above) The Siam Paragon Centre in Bangkok is one of the finest cinema complexes in the world. (Below) Bangkok's Nana Centre where you will find many Go-Go bars.

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Nana and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok are home to many Go Go bars. These Go Go bars are known to be at the heart of Thai prostitution but are legal under Thai law.

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