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Foreign men to Thailand must understand Thai culture

Thursday 1st October 2009 9:49pm

More Thai women are increasingly marrying foreigners

Some Thai women value foreign men regardless of age and are interested in finding a foreign marriage partner. This is true. For some foreign men to Thailand this is difficult to accept as it goes against the grain of prevailing western culture.

Some foreigners to Thailand meet bar girls in the sex industry and more often than not, the resultant relationship is one of the many internet horror stories. But it is possible and indeed quite easy to find true love in Thailand if foreign men take some time to learn a little bit more. recommends that foreign men who use our dating site invest in some reading material on Thai culture and in particular stories of Thai women marrying foreigners. One very good book on this subject is 'Thailand Fever' by Vitada Vasant and Chris Pirazzi.

There is also, as in other Asian countries, a tradition of arranged marriages in Thailand often taken care of by the Thai woman's family. In Thailand, Thai women see no conflict in using their beauty and charms to find financial stability and 'a better life' with a foreign partner.

Additionally, some Thai's regard lighter skin as a valued personal characteristic. This goes back to the old Thai class system. While most westerners would be horrified at this, in some respects some parts of Thailand are many years behind what is politically correct thinking in western societies. To illustrate this further, in Thailand it is somewhat acceptable in more traditional circles for men not to be monogamous and have mistresses. This is, of course, changing among Thailand's emerging and more educated middle class.

The success of Thai-western liaisons in Thailand is highlighted by the fact that many of its superstars on TV and in the music industry are 'Luk Kreung' meaning half Thai, the result of Thai-western relationships.

So if you're a foreign man thinking about a Thai partner, remember:

  • Try to avoid the bar girl scene
  • Read up on Thai culture
  • Try to understand the mind set of the Thai women who are looking for foreign partners and suspend your own mind set just a little.
It is true to say that marriages between Thai women and foreigners can be quite successful. Recent Research suggests that they last longer than conventional marriages in the United States. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 335,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Thai Western Relationship
Many Thai superstars are the result of Thai Western relationships
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