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Aussie man with Thai wife for over thirty years

Sunday 29th January 2012 9:30pm

Senior Aussie warns Young Australian men about Thai bar girl peril

An Australian man happily married to a Thai wife for over 30 years voices his concerns that some younger Aussies are on the wrong track seeking love in Thailand.

Increasing anecdotal evidence suggests that younger Australians are moving to Thailand to live with beautiful Thai girlfriends. Some of these relationships do not end well.

Young Australian men are visiting Thailand in increasing numbers on short term excursions and holidays. Many come to Thailand lured by talk of the beauty of Thai women and how attentive they are to their partners. While this is true, there exists a certain proportion of Thai bar girls whose primary objective is to screw as much money as possible from these Aussie husbands or boyfriends, before leaving them in the lurch and destitute.

Recently, a mature Aussie James Campion, who had returned to Thailand after many years wrote a letter to ThaiLoveLines about what he had seen. Mr Campion visited Thailand thirty years ago and met his first wife in Thailand. After spending a happy life together, Linda (his Thai wife) passed away two years ago and he returned to Thailand to meet his second wife. Writing to the ThaiLoveLines News Centre he said that Thailand was greatly changed and felt that many younger Australian men were 'looking for love in the wrong place' as where many Thai women.

Thai brides and Thai girls: Australian men

Australian men love Thai women and many seek Thai women as brides or long-term partners because of their famed beauty and their commitment to their family, but a small number of men also fall prey to certain Thai bar girls that are interested in nothing but money - any way they can get it. In fact, these bad Thai girls are much like bad girls the world over, only they tend be extreme in what they go about it and their targets are easier to exploit.

Again we should be careful to note that this only applies to a minority of Thai bar girls, the majority of whom are sincere and hardworking Thai women who become bar girls to assist families or as a result of bad economic conditions. Many young Thai girls are not only sincere but see their work in a positive light. One must also remember that not every horror story detailing failed relationships between Thai bar girls and foreign men can be blamed on the Thai bar girl but most often occurs as a result of a lack of respect from the foreign man.

We know that Thai wives be among the most attentive in the world to their partners, but this minority of Thai bar girls can be the best rip-off merchants in the world. A large part of the latter problem is that many younger Australian men seek Thai women after failing in normal relationships in Australia and many more are not even interested in a conventional relationship at all. They see Thailand is the land of beautiful women, sex and fun and therefore are less likely to use common sense when the prospect of a relationship develops.

Thailand is becoming increasingly more popular with Aussies because of the low air fares and low cost of living, and Thai girls are amongst the most beautiful in the world. While accepting that most Thai women are loving, attentive and sincere, Aussies seeking new relationships in Thailand should be aware of the traps into which some guys willingly fall.

A pattern has emerged over the last 10 years of foreign men visiting Thailand to meet Thai girlfriends and it has emerged that this phenomenon, sometimes involving bar girls, is not just about sex. Many sound long term relationships have been developed. Mr. Campion tells ThaiLoveLines that his comments relate to a particular type of Thai bar girls and in particularly younger Australian men: 'Because it is relatively near, more Aussies are coming to Thailand and our culture breeds a certain type of guy that is vulnerable to this kind of girl,' he says.

It is very easy for young immature Australian men to be entrapped by beautiful Thai girls, young in years but very experienced in handling and manipulating men. Aussie men tend to be protective of good-looking girls and will 'lend' them money if requested.

Australian men easy prey to Thai bar girls

Some Australian men seeking love in Thailand are inexperienced in relationships with women or have been hurt through relationship breakdowns in Australia. Some, unfortunately, are fresh game for Thai bar girls seeking easy prey. These women are not looking primarily for relationships, no matter how fleeting, but for money. They will claim pregnancy, often backed up by false evidence, and entrap young men either into marriage or into making a cash payment.

In one horror story a Thai girl had an Australian boyfriend that she had twice convinced that she was pregnant, and needed money for medical expenses. Each time she said she had a miscarriage - so more medical expenses. The third time she tried he was suspicious and requested to see an ultrasound scan as proof. Her sister was pregnant at the time, so she borrowed her sister's ultrasound scan. . .

. . . her sister's boyfriend refused to allow the scan to be used that way. So the girl was caught out and her Aussie boyfriend dumped her. . . but came back to her again and formed a serious relationship. He now wants to start a family with her, but she hasn't told him that she can no longer have children.

Gambling and theft with Thai wives and girlfriends

Some Orientals love to gamble, and Thai women are no different. Some gamble to excess and have been known to run up large debts which their husbands have had to cover. Sometimes this is not possible, and the mafia has become involved. Several instances have been reported of a new Thai wife taking out a secured loan or second mortgage on the family home, spending the money, and then disappearing when the payment demand is made and the husband has found out. Then foreign husband is then left to pay the loan to the Thai mafia - or else!

James Campion feels that young Australians should be very wary of Thai bar girls seeking money, in general. They should be made aware that a bar is not the best place to find a wife or life partner. There are even reports of Australians who are either murdered or commit suicide in Thailand each year. These tragedies frequently involve large sums of money that their girlfriends or new brides have taken as loans or have lost on their husband's or boyfriend's behalf.

For some Thai bar girls, to have a 'farang' boyfriend or 'husband' is a blank check to unlimited expenditure until there is nothing left to spend, sell or borrow. They are very beautiful and very plausible and convincing, and young Aussies with their brains in the wrong place are easy prey. They will milk them of every cent then disappear, married or not. However, again it should be noted not all young Thai women or even bar girls are like this.

Aussie men and relationships with Thai brides

Although Thai bar girls who have persuaded Aussie men to marry them have given young Thai women a bad name, all is not bad even where Thai bar girls are concerned. Most have a genuine desire to make something of themselves, and while they will marry Australian men they may not love, they are so attentive to their husbands that love grows and many such marriages are very enduring and successful.

Frequently, marriages between Aussie men and young Thai women are based upon love, because many find it hard not to love these beautiful women, and Australian guys can seem cute and loving to Thai women. Men should take some safeguards however, particularly if they take their girlfriends or new Thai brides back to Australia with them. The following have been reported as potential indicators for Thai brides or girlfriends having alternative motives for their relationship with Australian men:

  • They make frequent cell calls or texts to the same number and try to hide that from their husband or boyfriend. They might also refuse calls from their husband, potentially because they are trying to hide his existence from somebody else they are with.
  • They send money back home to a name or address that is not that of their own family members. Although it is common for Thai women to send money back home to help their family, Thai bar girls often send money received from their boyfriend or husband back to their pimp or Thai boyfriend.
  • They tend to have friends who are bar girls, or have excessive tattooing on their bodies. Although tattoos are common with young girls, excessive tattoos or tattoos in inappropriate areas of the body might be an indication of another profession.

Many Australian men have made the wrong choices and have suffered because of it, both emotionally and financially. Others have been luckier (or more observant) and have found beautiful Thai girls that have made loving and attentive wives. It is important that Australian men are aware of the potential problems when they visit Thailand seeking a wife or life partner but end up visiting Thailand's go go bars and centres of the Thai sex industry.

There are fewer horror stories than successes, so the few bad Thai women should not be permitted to taint the others. Statistics show that most Thai-Australian marriages are very successful, but Australian guys should nevertheless not be as trusting as they appear to be with strange women.

James Campion still recommends Thai women to Australian men as wives and partners: 'I am a retired professional now living in Sydney but I have lived all over the world. When I was 22, I travelled to Thailand and I met my wife there. Her name was Pornthip but I called her Linda. We travelled the world together and she was the best companion that any man could wish for. During our time together Linda took care of all money matters and still found the time to earn a Masters degree in Canada where we lived for seven years. She passed away last year and now I am beginning a new relationship with someone very different. That is what she wanted for me.

I see many men who now come to Thailand to find love but I think many of them are looking in the wrong place as are many Thai women these days. In the end of the day both parties get out of it what they put in. But it can be a wonderful experience in particular the culture difference.Thank you for your site, I really enjoyed my time here.' is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

A very small minority of Thai bar girls pose a danger to Aussie men in particular.
Aussie with Thai wife for over 30 years sees danger particularly for young Aussies falling for some Thai bar girls and advises young Australian men to look for a beautiful Thai wife or Life partner the right way.
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