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USA Thai woman has pop star FERGIE as a customer

Saturday 10th April 2010 3:22pm

Thai women are making it Big in the USA as business women and entrepreneurs

Thai women are bucking the stereotype across the USA as they use their traditional business skills to live the American dream.

There is a perception of Thai women coming to the USA as victims of trafficking. A recent scandal reported on the New York Times involving Thai women lured into sex slavery in New York 's Chinatown with the promise of good jobs in Thai restaurants illustrates the fact that this problem still exists. But there is another story about Thai dating and Thai women in the USA .

Despite the curbs after 9/11, Thai women make up an increasing share of the immigrants legally arriving the USA through marriages to US citizens. There is increasing anecdotal evidence of Thai women becoming successful business partners and business managers in small business throughout the USA. One story. that of US businessman, Donald Chambers, who is now very proud of his Thai wife, Noi. But he was initially reluctant to marry Noi but instead employed her as his secretary. She then opened up her own fashion business. It proved so successful that she has bought out his business. Luckily for him, she consented to become his wife, after all and is now also his business partner.

Thai women are even branching out into successful business enterprises in their own right as the story of Aphinya Deley, a Thai women who now lives in Arizona demonstrates. Aphinya, who came to the USA to study tourism is now successfully selling handmade Yoga bags throughout the USA after setting up her new business 12 months ago. One of her latest customers is the pop star sensation FERGIE who purchased a yoga bag for $215.

Some key points to remember if you are a US man thinking about dating a Thai woman:

  • The success rates for Thai marriages with US men has now overtaken the average in spite of reports that many Thai US marriages break down once the Thai woman reaches the USA.
  • Thai women are now more likely to be educated with university degrees as more and more attend third level education.
  • Although Thai culture and tradition involve taking responsibilities to the Thai woman's family and possible payment of a dowry, Thai culture also makes them more loyal and likely to be supportive.
  • Many Thai women have had a strict traditional upbringing in very respectable families. They are more likely to be very hardworking and responsible citizens while making great business managers. As Donald Chambers explains: 'it takes a lot of guts to set off to a foreign country and culture, so you need to know how to hold your own.'

Thai women have come a long way since the doors of education first opened to them 70 years ago but there are still many rural Thai women who see marriage to a foreigner as a relatively easier life but others are taking up the challenge and doing it for themselves even in relatively remote corners of the USA from New York to Arizona. But they have a way to go as Aphinya Deley says: 'One thing about Thailand it's hard for women to speak up, America has very support for the small business.' is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Thai women in the USA - grasping the American dream.
Thai women are writing a new story in the USA where they are now a growing immigrant community. Many are business managers and entrepreneurs living the American dream
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