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Young Thai women come to Bangkok to work and play

Thursday 20th July 2017 7.15 pm

Bangkok, a lively and exciting city is home to a new and more cosmopolitan Thai woman - both beautiful and smart

Bangkok, the metropolis at the heart of life in Thailand, has a reputation as one of the greatest nighlife scenes in Asia. But it is also a thriving commercial and cultural world capital which attracts many of Thailand's younger men and women to it from provinces all over the country.

'Thai women, I just cannot believe it, they're always smiling and so eager to help,' says Dennis, a 50 year old US man after his recent visit to Bangkok. 'In Bangkok nearly every woman is beautiful.' Dennis is one of thousands of Americans using Thailand's largest dating site, ThaiLoveLines to find a marriage partner in Thailand.

Many western men visiting Bangkok get caught up in the nightlife scene with go go bars and massage parlors when they first visit Thailand's major metropolis. In the last forty years Bangkok has become synonymous with sex. Police in Bangkok estimate that there are over 400,000 Thai women in the city working in the sex industry. Many of theses are women from poorer rural areas in Thailand who migrate to Bangkok in pursuit of a livelihood.

But this is only one part of the picture albeit the one best known to people worldwide. Bangkok, being Thailand's capital city, also attracts millions of young women working throughout the city in clerical posts. Any visitor to Bangkok will be impressed by how well dressed and groomed young Bangkok women are by western standards. In Bangkok you are more likely to encounter Thai women who are more educated as well as being very cosmopolitan.

Bangkok is also home to Thailand burgeoning media and advertising industry as well as a colorful and thriving social scene which Thais call called 'Hi So'. Thai tradition means that many wealthier or more successful Thai men have been known to have mistresses or even second and third wives. However many younger Thai women particularly in Bangkok reject this particular Thai tradition and there is growing middle class society centred on Bangkok and its suburbs which support this view. In fact, there have already been calls from some political groups to take action to curtail the sex industry and night life scene in Bangkok. A recent survey has even suggested that the number of sex workers in Bangkok is in decline.

A recent survey by The Nation newspaper in Bangkok highlighted a growing use of the internet in Thailand that is being lead by Thai women. Thai women, particularly those in Bangkok, are more active on the internet and are interested in education, dating and news.
In summary Thai women in Bangkok and on Thailand's Largest Dating site ThaiLoveLines are:

  • More likely to be better educated and working in clerical posts.
  • A certain proportion is engaged in the widespread sex industry.
  • More likely to be quite sophisticated and cosmopolitan. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 335,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Bangkok women are more cosmopolitan and like all Thai women are leading the way with internet use in Thailand
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