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Study of Western men living with a Thai wife reveals key issue

Saturday 22nd July 2017 11.53 pm

Your relationship with a Thai Wife can be very successful if you confront key questions

Even successful marriages between Thai women and foreign men encounter some difficulties due to differences in culture and backgrounds. However it appears that all successful relationships have managed to deal effectively with one very important difference.

An online survey and focus group of men both Western and Thai, who have found a loving relationship with a Thai woman or a Thai wife, has provided clear advice for other men who are also seeking a Thai wife.

ThaiLoveLines is Thailand's largest internet dating site and creates hundreds of successful relationships each month. Users include Western and Thai men who seek a relationship with a Thai woman or who seek a Thai wife. Thousands of western men use Thailand's biggest dating site to find a relationship with a Thai woman which they hope may lead to marriage. For those searching for a Thai wife, it helps to understand what makes a successful relationship from those who have married Thai women. Much has already been written of the pitfalls of a relationship between a Western man and a Thai wife.

One of the key problems that emerged from the study, as in all relationships, is money. Increased prosperity and modern culture in Western society has caused this subject to be downplayed although the recent economic trend is already changing this. It emerged that some of the Thai wives had an exaggerated notion of the wealth of western men. This is not their fault. It can lead to false expectations. It can also lead to a situation where western men may suspect the motivation of their Thai wife, Thai girlfriend or life partner. Any western man, romantic notions of true love set apart, must understand the practical considerations of a Thai wife in a country where social welfare as foreigners know it does not exist. Thailand is a more traditional and patriarchal society and this has brought Thai women to respect responsible men. The difference is that in a relationship, Thai women will emphasise the importance of financial stablity and money. Is this a bad thing? Maybe the romance and hype of 'true love' in western society is a little over hyped? Like most things, the middle ground is the best course.

Finally, Thai society tolerates more indiscretions from males. Many Thai women see western partners as potentially more faithful although Thailand, like other developing countries is in the process of developing a more modern society particularly among the emerging and well educated middle class.

To conclude, a relationship with a Thai wife has a better chance of success if you take steps to:

  • Deal with money as a key issue from the outset. Involve your Thai partner, Thai wife or Thai girlfriend as much as possible. Let her understand. You may be pleasantly surprised at how capable and helpful she can be.
  • Appreciate and understand the economic factor that may be involved in your relationship. Be honest and open about this.
  • Treat your Thai wife, Thai partner or Thai girlfriend with the same respect and consideration as you would any woman. In fact, western men must be more considerate and polite with a Thai wife who will often be dismayed at the propensity of western men to become irritated or to anger.
  • While appreciating that there is a cultural difference between you and your Thai wife, understand this but move beyond it.
  • It is possible to exploit the differences in culture between you and your Thai wife. For instance some Thai women are very good money managers because their is a tradition in Thailand of women being money handlers and small business managers. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 335,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Your relationship with a Thai wife will often boil down to one key issue
Many Thai women see foreign marriage or life partners as more faithful.
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