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Sexy but submissive Thai mail order bride gone forever

Monday 24th July 2017 11.32 pm

Sexy Thai women use the internet to take on the world to find life partners at home and abroad

Although Thai women are often unfairly stereotyped in the western media, they are seen as particularly attractive. But the sexy tag may stem from the reputation of Thailand and Bangkok in particular as centres of illicit sex.

Nobody can dispute that Thai women are amongst the most beautiful in the world. But are they really sexy? FHM, the international men's magazine annually rates scores of sexy Thai women including models and actresses among the Top 100 in the world.

It is certainly true that Bangkok , since the 1960's and the U.S war in Vietnam , rates as the Asia's capital city when it comes to sexy women and cheap sex. But in the world? A recent internet survey for another men's magazine did not even list Bangkok , the Thai capital city, in its top 100 for sexy women. Acclaim instead went to European cities in particular with Amsterdam being voted the world's number one. So are Thai women sexy? They are more than sexy. They are also well educated. Many of the sexy looking Thai women on internet dating sites such as have university educations, many with masters and doctorate degrees.

It is sometimes very difficult for those outside Thailand to understand that only a tiny proportion of Thai women are involved in the sex industry. In fact, the proportion of Thai women sex workers is lower than many countries in Asia. Also, Thai society is very traditional and the average Thai woman is likely to be far more old fashioned about sex than most women from western countries. However, the internet and an increasingly global media and culture are very attractive to Thai women and they are particulat adept at taking on new fashion and the trend is to look sexier!

In terms of physical appearance, yes it is true to say that most Thai women are exceptionally beautiful. But you must also consider the contrast in looks between many Thai regions. For instance, compare the tan skinned sexy look of sultry women from Thailand's North Eastern province with the light skinned look of Chiang Mai's sexy sirens. But to really see sexy Thai women, it's back to Bangkok again. There are many sexy Thai women in the Thai capital city who wear sexy uniforms from government officials to sexy nurses and university students. Even the sexy Thai women who work in Bangkok 's notorious sex industry often wear uniforms designed to be a turn on for customers.

So are Thai women sexy? Answer, yes sure and here's why:

  • They are always immaculately well dressed, presented and sexy looking.
  • They have gorgeously feminine figures – a fewer proportion of Thai women are obese compared to western women or world standards.
  • Their shy, sexy and subtle deportment combined with their natural exotic beauty makes them irresistible.

The day of the sexy but submissive Thai mail order or bartered bride is well and truly gone. Today sexy Thai women through the power of the internet and their seductive looks are empowered to successfully find the best life partners possible both at home and abroad. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 335,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Sexy Thai women empowered by the internet and international Thai dating. From Norway to the UK and the USA, finding new futures
The days of the sexy thai mail order bride are long gone. Now Thailand's sexy women are well educated and empowered by the internet.
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