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Tips for Thai women seeking a Farang partner or husband

Monday 31st December 2012 2:29pm

Growing numbers of Thai women find Farang partners online and in Thailand

The growth in numbers of Thai men and women using the internet is behind a surge in Thai farang relationships.

Many Thai women in recent years have considered find a foreign partner or farang. It is now estimates that there are over 250,000 Thai women with farang husbands living in Thailand and in countries all over the world.

The trend for Thai women to find farang partners began in the 1960's with the influx of US soldiers both for rest and relaxation in Bangkok but also those serving in the North of the country. It is probably the US forces serving in Isaan province and their success at forging friendships with Thai people particularly Thai women in the area that started the fashion. In the 1970's German men also looked to Thailand to find life partners as there were less German women interested in traditional marriage. However the arrival of the internet in the last decade or so has transformed this underlying trend into a boom.

Today in Thailand many Thai women choose to travel the world seeking education, career prospects and broader personal relationships. The internet has also coincided with the transformation of Thailand from a rural economy into a growing economic force. These forces of change have prompted many Thai women and Thai women to seek new relationships and ways of finding relationships.

The internet has also brought many farang visitors to Thailand both men and women. Many have decided to stay preferring the laid back lifestyle of Thailand and the comparatively lower cost of living. From this has sprung more relationships with farang men and women although 85% approximately involve farang men and Thai women.

If you are a Thai woman and interested in find a farang or foreign husband, you should first of all consider the following:

  • Do you wish to travel? Would you like to live abroad? How do you feel about learning foreign cultures?
  • What do you know about men in foreign countries? Are you aware of key differences in cultures? Are you ready to make a success of a relationship with a man from a different culture?
  • Why you are interested in find love with a foreigner or farang? There are many opinions out there which suggest that the motive is an economic of financial one and while this is certainly a key consideration for many, it is not in itself going to be the basis for a successful relationship. And a bad relationship is not worth all the money in the world! You should also know that while Thailand has lower incomes than some foreign countries, it is developing and will always not be this way. Also living in Thailand is so much cheaper than foreign countries and the weather a lot better!

There have been reports of marriages and relationships between Thai women and foreign men breaking down leaving Thai women in anxious situations. The Thai government has recently set up response units in all its embassies to help and assist Thai women whose relationships have broken down and who require assistance. Although the explosive growth of Thai Farang relationships is largely driven by word of mouth resulting from the general success of such relationships.

In fact recently in Thailand a Thai MP Sunai Julphongsathorn seem to endorse the decision made by many Thai women to seek farang partners. Although Mr Julphongsathorn was roundly criticized for his comments, they can after he was involved in a fact finding mission by Thai MPs into the growing numbers of Thai women marrying farang particularly farang from European countries.

Most people in Thailand today know someone who has a Farang husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife. The success of Thai Farang relationships has led to such marriages or relationships being more welcome in Thai society.

Today in Thailand there is firm evidence to suggest that relationships between foreign men or farang and Thai women are quite successful and there are endless pictures on all websites of having Farang/Thai couples enjoying different lifestyles in countries all over the world. In fact in North eastern Thailand the inward investment and remittances from Thai Farang relationships is having a significant effect on the economy while these relationships also give a boost to Thai tourism not least from Thai Farang families returning to Thailand for extended holidays and even retirement.

Farang/Thai relationships are contributing to the establishment and growth of Thai communities all over the world involving Thai men and women. Although the vast majority consists of Thai women/farang relationships, there is some evidence that more Thai men are also seeking farang relationships while more younger Farang men and women are also finding relationships in Thailand.

Growing Thai communities can be found in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, German, Netherlands and all Scandinavia countries. In fact, the growth of Thai women and men seeking farang relationships in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland is particularly marked.

One Thai woman in Norway Nong Hoyland says that her dream has come true and is complete. She told her husband Arne that one of the key reasons for her happiness was their ability to travel together and see the world: 'I know that Thai women want to leave Thailand to seek a better life, better job, more money but it I think it is more than that,' Arne says. 'Nong told me that her dream was to travel around the world, she even told me that we did not have to live in Norway and she was not afraid if I didn't have a job, it was here dream. It's so important to her that she would prefer to tour the world when we retire rather than retire to Thailand.'

Pon Scheulke in Oklahoma, USA is married to an American teacher who visited Thailand on holiday some years ago. Her marriage to a US farang has made her dream come true. She is happily married and working as a teacher in the United States. Pon recently told a US newspaper that her dream as a young girl in Thailand was always to travel and be a passenger on the international airplane flights flying over head. Now she is also an American citizen.

If you are Thai woman or Thai man seeking a Farang relationship, the internet is a great place to start. However if you decide to do this please bear the following tips:

  • Prepare well: Take time to familiarize yourself with your dating site or social network service. Prepare your profile and your message. This includes your photos and not only the standard questions from the dating profile but the text descriptions. Be prepared to answer questions about your profile and consider how you appear to a prospective suitor whether here in Thailand or an International one. If you have limited English, familiarize yourself with online translation services and have some good answers prepared. While you prepare all this, remember also; be critically honest about your dating profile. It's ok to 'put the best foot forward' but be certain that you are being honest. Honesty is the most valuable ingredient in any online presentation.
  • Security: be aware of threats on the internet. There are many people out there who try to exploit users of dating and social networking sites. When anyone is seeking love or a new relationship, they are particularly vulnerable. You must be open but you must be aware of this issue so that you are not misled. It actually cannot happen once you are aware of the issue. Some key security tips are:
  • Do not give out your external contact details to anyone on an online dating or social networking site. Even your favorite guy or girl. Explain to them your concern and they will understand if they are right and responsible. After you have established a relationship of trust you may do this.
  • Never engage in any activity akin to personal relationship such as exchanging gifts or money until you have met the person online in a face to face meeting and a proper relationship or bond has been developed. Relationships that are sourced online are not meant to be artificial. Beware of users online who fall in love with you after one e-mail or chat! This is common sense. There are many wonderful relationships created online. Indeed it is probably the way most relationships will commence in the future, but beware of premature requests or situations.
  • If you are arranging to meet someone you have met online, speak to them by phone and are certain of who you are dealing with. If you have a natural and proven relationship, this will not be an issue but if you have any doubts, make contact with security in the dating or social networking site or discuss it with friends.
  • Be open minded, polite and nice: it is not uncommon for some Thai women and men place profiles that state bluntly that they are seeking a farang relationship online and explicitly stating that other men particularly Thai men on internet dating sites should not make contact. It is understandable in the context of not misleading other users online. However in this modern changing world there are many contemporary Thai men and women online who are using the internet to find love and partners in Thailand. The site I work with, ThaiLoveLines has thousands of Thai singles online daily seeking different kinds of relationships, friendships or simply an opportunity for company. It is useful to state on your profile exactly what you are looking for but it is also good advice to be open minded particularly in the field of human relations. Similarly there may be Thai men or women online seeking a local partner in Thailand and it may turn out that a farang is the ideal choice! This is the joy of international dating and social networking.

So if you've found your Farang love or partner - now what?

The next step is to meet him or her. In most cases this involves the farang or foreign boyfriend or girlfriend visiting Thailand. Unless you are super wealthy and a regular jet setter to different parts of the world on a whim! It is not advisable for you to travel a long distance in order to meet your prospective farang love or partner. In most situations he or she will arrange to visit Thailand and you can meet him or her at a local hotel or meeting venue. Some farang ask Thai women to meet them at the airport in Bangkok. I do not like this unless it is your home airport but it is something for you personally.

All the dating and social networking activity in the world cannot be a substitute for a face to face meeting. However it is a great way to allow this to happen and to prepare for this to happen. Your first meeting will be the key. First impressions count and this will set the scene for the future. The best advice is to treat your farang date like any other date and be yourself, truly yourself.

If you and your farang partner or friend think there is a basis for an ongoing relationship thereafter the following things must be considered:

  • What is the future of your relationship: will you continue to meet online; will you arrange a visit to his/her country? Will he/she return to Thailand? How will you stay in touch? Will you marry immediately or get engaged? Will you a set a date for a wedding in the future? Or will this be just a once off visit meaning things haven't worked out. Or perhaps the relationship will stay casual, a foreign friendship.
  • If you do find a basis for an engagement the question of where you will live? This raises the question of a visa, one for your farang partner if he/she decides to live in Thailand or a visa for you if you decide to relocate to his/her country.
  • Of course all of the above are major issues and life choices. The key driver of any decision here is the strength and character of whatever personal relationship may exist between you and your farang partner.

Every day, every month in Thailand and around world these decisions are being made, the relationships formed are, in the main successful. However it is not uncommon for both parties in the relationships to have difficult moments or times of doubts. In spite of the modern world we live in, there are still many barriers and obstacles to a cross cultural relationships which pans international borders. On a cautious note, familiarize yourself with some of the stories of failed Thai farang relationships but take heart that there are many happy couples and families all over the world who have been through this process. Good luck to you. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

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Growing numbers of Thai men and women seek relationships with international partners. The Internet with its Dating and Social Networking sites has resulted in a surge of Farang seeking Thai partners.
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