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Tips for Thai women in the search for that perfect Love online

Friday 4th January 2013 2:18pm

Defining your Love match online could be a very important step in your Life

The internet is changing the way Thai men and women find love or partners. Research now shows that it has overtaken older more traditional ways of finding Love even in Thailand.

In Thailand today, that first step seeking your Love match online, could well be one of the most important little tasks you may ever undertake.

Research has shown that younger Thai women now consider internet dating as the best way of finding the perfect love match.

It is only in recent years that Thai men and women have begun using internet dating and social networking sites to find friends and love. Thai people, like all people in the global village, are busy. Society today makes it more difficult to find a loved one or Life Partner. Internet dating is the answer but it is not as simple as putting your details on a website and simply waiting for your Love match to make contact.

A survey in Thailand carried out by a major university indicates that more Thai people including Thai men are resorting to internet dating sites seeking a Love Match. In Thailand, while over 46% of women between 20- 45 years of age have actively considered using internet dating sites, 61% consider it the best way of finding a future love or life partner. In recent years, all such research has shown Thai women more actively using the internet as a way of finding Love online.

So if you are a Thai woman, it could be said that the act of setting up an internet dating profile and commencement of your search for a Love match could be one of the most important things you will ever do.

The key thing to remember when searching for your love match online is patience. Online dating can be the perfect place to find your love match as you are in control of the process. From the moment you key in your profile and specify the kind of person you are looking for, you are defining just who you may meet. Even the time taken to create the right dating profile is also very important to ultimately finding your Love match. Preparation counts.

Online dating is still personal

In the end of the day, bear in mind, it still all personal. It's not all about computers. But if you follow the online dating process correctly and with patience, you are more likely to create a profile that will trigger a contact or response from a man or woman out there in the world who is destined to be your True Love or perfect Love Match.

There are some, particularly more traditional folk, who dismiss the idea of a casual Love Match and point out that some of the best relationships come from marriages or relationships that are thought through and are practical. Don't be too quick to dismiss these old fashioned concepts. For instance, every girl or woman looks at the ability of their potential partner or suitor to provide income to the relationship no matter how ideal the Love Match is otherwise.

A friend of mine once told me about her husband and how she mistakenly came across some false information which suggested that he was heavily in debt. 'I love Jamie but when I was reading this, I was falling out of love pretty fast,' she said. Do you blame her? How would you feel? Think about your personal attitudes before creating your online profile because one word or snippet might just be the key that will cause a man or woman from Thailand or some other country to say: 'Hey I like that Thai Lady, she has something special.'

Be pro-active online to find the perfect partner

So you've created your perfect dating profile, the next thing is to find some great photos to attract your future love match. You should look for photos that are clear and strong. Contrasting colors and photos that convey your personality are very important. Take some time to find some really good photos because you know what they say in foreign cultures: 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' This is so true because surveys show that profiles with photos achieve well over 900% more respondents.

So you have your profile with super photos, what next? The answer again is patience and persistence. You must start contacting some of the guys out there, no kidding!

Internet dating only works when there is contact and to receive feedback and contacts, you must make your move. This the age of the internet so a Thai woman can initiate contact without feeling too pushy. Always politely of course.

Use the dating tools on Thai dating sites like ThaiLovelines to initiate contact. Take the time to login to your dating site often and make sure your match settings are correct. On ThaiLoveLines you will start receiving match suggestions. What do you do? Make contact then with them all even if some of the men are not your type, tell them politely.

This brings me to another key tip: Don't be too quick to reject one dating profile or another. Appearances and looks are very important in finding your perfect Love Match but they are not everything and often it's good advice to look twice. This also applies to the hunky guy who you think looks adorable; don't be too quick to choose one or the other. Take your time online to get to know the people out there. This should involve you in using the dating tools like IM Chat and Skype. Be sure to use them all. Finding a match that turns into true love takes time and it should be so. Again patience! Make many friends online and take your time.

Here are some tips for finding your Love match:

  • Relax and remember that the internet dating or social network site is only a means for you to meet people and that you are in control.
  • Find a dating or social networking site that you trust and familiarise yourself with exactly how it works. This might actually take some time. Again patience. It will be worth it. You may find the exercise of familiarizing yourself with your dating or social networking a fun experience also but you may also find a chore and be impatient. However, do not be anxious. If you believe in destiny, the love of your life will appear online just when you are ready. So get ready. Get ready to be able to use the dating site and communicate online with your future Love Match.
  • Open you mind to the other person online you are talking to. Try to hear the voice or personality of the other party through their comments, chat and e-mails. A good personality and character is one of the key requisites.
  • Be aware of security issues while online. Check out your site's security advice and adhere to these tips. Use your common sense at all times. Once you are aware of s security as an issue, it should not be a problem.
  • Approach your love match search methodically. Make contact with as many people as possible and engage with as many as you can. Then slowly you may select favourites. But always be open, the love of your life might actually turn out to be the last person you meet or the first! The key is to steadily go through the process of meeting people.

Finally you should bear in mind that thousands if of Thai men and women have already found love online. Internet dating works! Look at the success stories on Thai dating sites and realise that this surely also could be you. The key is to follow the tried and trusted advice. Your perfect Love Match is out there right now or perhaps already online. In fact internet dating and social networking as a means of people to find love is one of if not the most exciting characteristics of the internet today. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Finding your perfect Love Match online requires patience and preparation
Online dating is still a personal experience. Finding your perfect Love match on a Thai Dating site is about creating a strong dating profile and persistence in meeting other people online. You take time to create the best online profile possible, be onli
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