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Jan waits for the borders to fully reopen between Thailand and Poland

Sunday 26th September 2021 9:06pm

Polish man dreams of a new life with a Thai woman he may already have met online

A young Polish man is waiting for the borders to reopen fully after the COVID-19 crisis to come on a holiday to Thailand to meet one of the young Thai women he has been talking to online.

He is one of a growing number of Poles seeking love in the kingdom while a growing number of Thai men and women who seek their future in Eastern Europe and Poland where the vanguards of Thai restaurants and traditional Thai massage parlours are already well established.

Poland is still a developing country and economy

The median income in Poland, a country whose GDP, like Thailand, took a hammering in 2020 is $1,800 compared to $800 in Thailand for those who can get a good job with a large proportion of them still limited to an agrarian existence and prospects. Nevertheless, for many Thai women thinking of a new life in Europe, Poland as a destination country does not often top the list in terms of preference.

History of Thai emigration to Poland

It is an Eastern European country with a history of recruiting Thai farm and factory workers to power its economic expansion while, at the same time, many Poles have used the European Union commons market and travel area to emigrate and earn higher incomes across the continent. A highlighted case of abuse of Thai migrant workers some years ago publicised by the international trade union movement led to calls for reform and measures taken, since then, to protect Thai workers travelling there and to other Eastern European nations from exploitation and abuse.

Thai nationals seeking to live in Poland should seek official advice and be aware of consular and social service supports

Any Thai woman thinking of travelling to Poland or eastern Europe should consult with government agencies at home to ensure their safety and well being while also protecting them from abuse or exploitation. Care should be taken by Thai people, both men and women emigrating to this part of the world to ensure that consular and social services can be provided to them in Poland on arrival should necessary.

Busy Thai embassy in Warsaw

Thailand has a friendly relationship with Warsaw which is home to a busy Royal Thai Embassy in the city which also serves as Thailand's mission to neighbouring Ukraine. In the past decades, Warsaw like other Polish cities and towns has seen a wave of Thai restaurants which are always the vanguard of a quiet, friendly, constructive and low key Thai invasion.

Thai emigrants to Poland already have a good name, many are entrepreneurs as everywhere in the world

This initial base of Thai immigrants are low key and hardworking and include entrepreneurs who often move towards opening restaurants or traditional Thai massage shops. In the middle of this movement and development, there is also a rising number of tourists from Poland to Thailand at least before the pandemic. Many among them are Polish men seeking Thai women as life partners or wives but these groups also include Polish women marrying Thai men and moving to Thailand as well as LGBT Poles seeking partners in Thailand and a more relaxed environment to find love and some, who can afford it, to settle and live.

Problems for the LGBT community in Poland

Poland, a staunchly catholic and conservative country has become controversial in the last two decades because of what is seen as increasing intolerance to the LGBT community and the lifestyle it represents. This has put it at odds with the leadership of the European Community. At the same time, Thailand when also being a conservative and traditional country has been seen as a more welcome environment for LGBT wih moves within the kingdom recently to recognise same-sex unions being initiated by the government. A number of Polish LGBT entrepreneurs who engage in online business activities have moved to Thailand where the government is now offering incentives to people with such skills to come and live in the kingdom.

Sunny Thailand is a new opportunity for digital entrepreneurs with new schemes on offer from the government in Bangkok

An added benefit is the near-continuous sunshine and warm weather and relatively low tax, low-cost financial environment. It is widely perceived due to the influence of Poland's right-wing and nationalist Law and Justice Party that Poland has created an environment where the LGBT community faces increased challenges and hurdles that are not experienced by the broader community In the meantime, Polish men and women continue to come to Thailand for both rest and relaxation but also a bit of romance.

Same motivation that has seen German men coming to live and find love in Thailand for decades

The motivation is quite similar to German men and women from western countries who have been coming to Thailand for decades and it involves Polish women also looking abroad or at home for prospects other than marrying and settling down with local men at home. A country with a good education system and work ethic, young Poles, both men and women are in demand throughout Europe and many Polish women have sought more affluent lives in countries further west. In Poland, economic development has offered Polish women who are renowned for being hard-working economic prospects other than marriage in the traditionally Catholic country. For men offset by this development, the prospect is either to find a wife, marriage partner or girlfriend in neighbouring Ukraine or for a smaller number who seeks a more exotic cultural experience and broader horizons, Thailand.

Poland joined the European Union in 2004

There is also a corollary to this as Poland since its entry into the European Union in May 2004 has seen its young people emigrate and travel to every corner of the union which offers them enhanced economic opportunities. This means the concept of cross border marriage is no longer seen as too adventurous and is now quite commonplace. Similarly in Thailand, there are not only Polish men living with Thai wives but also quite a number of free-spirited Polish women who have married Thai men.

Jan can't wait to land in Thailand and meet the woman of his dreams, he feels he's already met her online

Our story is that of Jan whose search for a Thai bride has not yet gotten off the ground. He joined Thailovelines in 2020 just two months before the COVID-19 crisis erupted and has been put off by the restrictions that are currently being imposed in traveling Thailand. 'I am so excited to go to Thailand but with the current COVID-19 restrictions and increased cost, it's put me off. I've been talking with dozens of young Thai women and I feel that there are a few that might be the right one for me to be with,' he said. Why does he now find a beautiful Polish woman who are renowned in Europe and indeed here for their beauty and flair?

Switched off local dating in Poland in 2018

'I just switched off in 20i8 after a relationship of three years went the wrong way for me. Afterwards, I just found it very hard to find a woman from my own country who was interested in me, all of them wanted to just about jobs or many I knew, the better ones with a bit of go, would be heading for the United Kingdom where many still live despite the Brexit,' he tells us. 'I don't know but I feel my soulmate is waiting for me in Thailand, I will go in 2022 for sure. It's already a success for me as I have spent my nights talking with really nice ladies online and instead of going to the pub or nightclub and drinking too much.' is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Thai men women seeking to live in Poland should seek official advice before leaving and be aware of consular and social service supports
Many women from Poland have emigrated throughout the European Union and even Thailand where they have married Thai men while Thai women have sought a future in Poland as entrepreneurs and through marriage to Polish men. A new future is currently being for
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