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Money, beautiful Thai women, a little Thai Italian girl and a problem

Thursday 9th November 2017 1:01pm

An Italian job. Thai girlfriend nightmare for wealthy Italian tycoon

Armimo Lombardi has a lot going for him. He's wealthy, not bad looking and knows the ways of the world. He's a veteran visitor to Thailand. Even so, the Italian man is currently living a nightmare caused by a Thai bar girl.

He is 63 years old now, balding a little and with a slight paunch, but he still looks attractive as any wealthy Italian man will do. He has been divorced for twenty five years and his fiery Italian ex wife is still a source of fury and violent outbursts. Because of her, he says he has not married again. That is not to say that he doesn't have an active love life. He does but it's chaotic. The reason, eighteen years ago Armino discovered Thailand.

Thriving family business in Italy

He lives in Milan and runs the family business founded by his grandfather. The family company makes and distributes ice cream making and vending equipment all over the world. Armino's Italian flair and passion have helped drive his business to continued success over the years and he still works hard. Money is not a problem. But today Armino is troubled. For a man of his age and achievements, this is perplexing. But no matter what way he looks at it, Arminio sees he has a serious problem.

Thailand - the getaway location for a divorced Italian

After a tumultuous breakup of his marriage, which produced his older son and daughter in 1992, Armino focused all his energies on his work and business in Italy. It worked out well for hm. His firm expanded into many markets including South America and Asia. In 1999 he visited Thailand for the first time with some friends on a golf trip. He was stunned by the atmosphere of the country and of course the Thai women. Like so many other well off European men, he became a regular visitor.

Over the years Armino came to invest in a condominium in Bangkok and in 2005, with two friends, set up a company which owns a luxurious villa outside Pattaya. Armino takes his main holiday in Thailand each year in November. He can visit Thailand as often as four of five times during the year. For many years, Armino enjoyed Thailand as a means of escape from his working life in Italy and the 'drama' of dealing with his ex wife with whom he still has a tempestuous relationship.

Thai girlfriend in the Bangkok sex trade

He met Janjira in 2011 in Bangkok at a late night party and quickly discovered that his beautiful Thai girlfriend was in the sex trade. 'She was so beautiful, and making my life so exciting, so I let my guard down, I know, I know it was a mistake, a rookie mistake,' he says. Artimo bought her out of her profession and set her up in Bangkok in his new apartment on Sukhumvit. When the Thai girl got pregnant in 2013 he became engaged to her.

Life in Italy with a sexy Thai girlfriend

After a lot of hard work and many phone calls, Armino even managed to get Janjira a visa to come and live with him in Milan six months after their little baby girl was born. 'It was so good for a few months but then she became very troublesome and you know, quite violent,' he recalls.

Although she was taking care couple's daughter and had become a mother, his Thai girlfriend could not settle in Milan. There were many private and public incidents. On one occasion, his girlfriend flagged down the car of a business acquaintance and asked him to take her home with him for sex. Armino's first and very violent instinct was to send her home. However the thought of his beautiful little daughter, who seemed such a happy person and brought great joy into his household, made him think twice. To leave his little girls without a mother was something he could not do. 'Monae is my life, you know, she is so beautiful and makes my heart sing,' the sweet mouthed Italian declares. However finally, after a particularly violent outburst, in front of his daughter, the couple decided to call it quits. Surprisingly it was Janjira, his Thai girlfriend who made the decision. His Thai girlfriend said she wanted to return home to Thailand without her baby. She did not want to see him again after Armino had upbraided her is very strong terms for her behaviour. That was three years ago.

Living in Italy with Thai girl - ex model and airline hostess

Today Armino lives with his new Thai girlfriend, Nutcha, with whom who he has been engaged to for the last six months. However the principal object of love and devotion in Armino's household in Milan is his little daughter Monae. Monae's Italian birth certificate says Maria but Monae is the little girl's name given to her by her Thai mother and Armino is a romantic man. Monae is a beautiful Italian Thai little girl. The problem that makes Armino frown is that he has just received another rather unpleasant whatsapp message from Janjira. Monae's mother is back working in a brothel in Bangkok. It's a quick recount of her previous night out ending with a barb. It's the sort of communication that Armino is by now accustomed to and began six to seven months after the mother of his child fled Italy.

Italian offers ex Thai girlfriend full financial support

Over the last two years, Armino has offered Janjira money, has even offered to pay for another apartment in Bangkok. He has also offered to pay for her education and provide her money for expenses. But his former Thai girlfriend has decided that she doesn't want his help nor does she show any interest in seeing her little daughter.

It's a story that goes against the grain of every premise made in endless advice columns about Thai women and their money grabbing ways. But it troubles Artimo greatly to think that his little daughter's mother is sleeping night after night with strangers for pocket money. His one hope is that Janjira will finally relent, but even if she does, he has no idea where this is all going. He has just offered to renew his promise of a paid for condominium, financial allowance and money for education with no strings attached. His head tells him to forget about her and cut off all contact but his heart says otherwise. As a hard headed businessman, he knows that this would be the right course but some instinct tells him to stick with the pain for now. His ex Thai girlfriend refuses his offer of regular financial support yet plagues him with emergency requests in dramatic messages from Thailand.

Italian sickened that Thai girlfriend opts for prostitution

'The mother to my child is still a beautiful woman but I think she's a little crazy in the head, she left my home two years ago and she says she will never return to my life or take any money from me,' he exclaims. 'Yet the very next day, I get a message looking for money, it's insane.' Artimo is honest with himself. His only explanation is that in a heated argument with his then Thai girlfriend, he made the mistake reminding her of the money he had thrown at her and her background. Armino is also both sickened and shocked that she made a decision to return to work in a Bangkok massage parlour as an alternative to both him and staying with her own daughter.

Unpredictable of nature of abused Thai women

Carla Boonkong is a social commentator and researcher who has visited the US, Europe And Australia following up the growing number of Thai women who form relationships with foreigners and says this: 'I have seen some instances where Thai women are abused and will walk out to return home to Thailand no matter what the consequences. For an instance, in Australia this one Thai woman who had very limited economic options. The Australian man was unemployed so it was very different. In that case, the Thai woman chose to take her new born baby back to Thailand to live in safer environment. This story of this Italian gentleman is quite astonishing, I find it hard to credit, if I'm honest.' In Thailand, any Thai man would walk away and never look back. Why does he do this?' Carla tells us that there are documented cases in the UK of physically abused Thai women wanting to stay with their abusive UK partners rather than returning to Thailand to similarly abusive relationships so this indeed a stark contrast.

Thai women may have mental health issues

'For a Thai mother to abandon a child suggests to me that there is a mental issue,' says Carla who explains that in spite of the large numbers of Thai women have worked in the Thai sex industry and the more accepting culture, that such activity takes a mental toll on Thai women. 'This can mean that they fall in with it, it's what they feel they deserve to be doing, while anything good in their lives makes them feel unworthy, it's really mixed up,' she says.

Italian already has new Thai girl in Milan

But Armino has already installed a new Thai girlfriend at home home in Milan. She is not a bar girl, he insists, but a model and former airline hostess. Armino explained that after Janjira left, he felt a need to replace her. 'I lived quite happily a single man for twenty years after my wife divorced me but I could not last two months after my Thai girlfriend moved out. On his next trip to Bangkok in 2014 he met Nutcha. He was sixty years old and she was twenty seven!

Crisis point in Italian man's personal life

Armino's elderly mother is still alive. In good health and sprightly at eighty three, still runs his home and he admits that this may be part of the problem but insists his mother is very supportive of his Thai girlfriend in spite of the family's Catholic background. 'Janjira loved my mother and they got on very well, I am very grateful to have my mama take care of little Monae but she is getting very old now,' he says. Life for Armino, certainly his personal life, is reaching another crisis. He worries about little Monae, who is only four years old.

6 months of hell from Thailand and ex Thai girlfriend

In the last 6 months alone Armino has been plagued by urgent communications, from Bangkok and even other parts of Thailand, concerning the mother of his child including:

  • An urgent request to send money to her bank, the money was sent the next day.
  • A phone call from Pattaya where she claims she was being held against her will at a home in the Jomtien area. Armino had to pay for a chauffeured driven car to rescue his former girlfriend and return her to Bangkok.
  • Frequent late night calls either threatening suicide or triumphantly telling Armino about her latest customer and his sexual proclivities. These would later be followed by calls later offering sincere apologies and making polite enquiries about their daughter.
  • A call from a third party claiming that his former girlfriend owes money and that payment should be made or her life may be in danger.

Next month, Armino is flying out to Bangkok alone without his current Thai girlfriend in an effort to find a solution to his problem. This will be his second such attempt. It would seem like an easy task given that he has the money but he's pessimistic. 'I'm wealthy but it's not a bottomless well and this feels so wrong. And then would you believe it? I am now beginning to have problems with my existing Thai girlfriend over all of this!' is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

Italian man, Armino Lombardi, has a problem with a Thai girlfriend
Wealthy Italian man facesa personal crisis over the wayward ways of his ex Thai girlfriend and the mother of his beautiful Thai Italian girl. Even as a seasoned visitor to Thailand, his life is interwined with a Thai bar girl in Bangkok.
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