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Thailand's No. 1 dating site making millions of connections

Thursday 9th July 2015 7:13pm

TLL creates over 100,000 new relationships in Thailand and around the globe

Thailand's favorite social networking and international dating site claims to have created over 100,000 relationships in the last seven years in Thailand and over 190 foreign countries throughout the world.

TLL in Thailand is, one of Thailand's largest websites and Thailand's No. 1 dating site. Based on the outskirts of Bangkok within the Muang Thong Thani complex, the Thai dating site is particularly popular for Thais seeking international dating or Thai singles looking for relationships in Thailand and throughout the world. The success of the Thai dating site is due to its ability to innovate and develop new and imaginative communications facilities allowing Thai singles to find friends and develop relationships on the web.

Initially set up in 2007 by two foreigners, the TLL dating site is owned and run by a Thai company which also operates other internet based media ventures proving news, dating and entertainment services.

TLL has grown steadily since and is now not only a dating site for finding love but a fun place for Thai singles, expats and those seeking international friendships to hangout. 'I live in Honolulu and I'm a regular visitor to Thailand, not so much these last few years but I'm on Chat Lines on TLL everyday with my friends in Thailand, I did think of retiring to Thailand but now I don't think that I will but I love Thai people. I'm going to Thailand again in August,' says Timothy Burns from Hawaii.

Timothy joined TLL in 2008 and has been online since then. He's sixty one years old. 'Dating is not all about the young guys and girls, I meet Thai women online with TLL who are my own age, a little younger and a lot younger. TLL is a happy spot in my life, that's why I like it there.'

Key reasons for the growth of TLL have been:

  • Growth of internet usage in Thailand: Internet penetration in Thailand in 2014 is reckoned to be as high as 45%. Already it is estimated that 10% of eligible Thai women with access to the internet have been or are currently ThaiLoveLines users. The introduction of cheap tablet computers and expansion of mobile internet in Thailand has spurred on growth in recent years. 'Everyweek TLL is making millions of new connections through new users, a constant advertsising campaign and interactions online,' says June Theepsawang, Brand Manager for in Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok.
  • International outlook of Thai women and migration: A UN report in 2013 revealed that 3.2% of the global population is on the move primarily from poorer countries to richer countries. This is also true for Thailand and Thai women who are in the vanguard of immigration from the Kingdom. However a number of factors are peculiar to Thailand. One of these is a desire by Thai singles and particularly Thai women to explore the world outside Thailand and their own culture. 'Many people are familiar with Thai women and the whole Thai bride concept but that's only a stereotype today. Thai women marrying foreign men is very much about personal choices that Thai women are making with foreign men. Many younger people today are looking outside their own cultures and looking for a new experience. Of course, there are economic motives but what's wrong with that? That's the human conditional, right,' says James Morris. There are no estimated to be over 1,000,000 Thai women living across the globe, many of them finding new lives online with foreign men in developed countries such the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other European countries.
  • Growth in Thai Dating online: More Thai men and women are using the internet to find love. 'In Thailand the cultural traditions are breaking down but many Thai men and women from different backgrounds have difficulty finding love partners within normal circles. The economic expansion in Thailand has also meant that many younger Thais have been busy so the internet and Thai dating sites have been the answer,' says Carla Boonkong, a magazine editor. TLL is the leading Thai dating site. TLL offers an easy to use and entertaining platform where users can find love or simply friendship and companionship online.

The TLL factor in Thai Dating

'ThaiLoveLines is an active dating and social network environment that actively causes users to match off or hang out on online,' says June Theepsawang. 'Many of our users are long term while a lot are also just in and out as soon as they have found love. We don't have exact figures but I know we have thousands of recorded users who have found love listed on our site already. We estimate that so far we could be responsible for over 100,000 relationships, something like that,' she says.

Thai women with foreign husbands

'Now I am living in England all ready, I meet my husband on TLL,' reads one ThaiLoveLines user out of over 1,200 testimonials currently posted on Thailand's No. 1 dating site. 'TLL has become a bit of a legend since it arrived on the scene seven years ago, I'd say conservatively tens of thousands or even a significant proportion of the hundreds of thousands of Thai women living in countries all over the world with foreign partners found their destiny on this popular international dating site,' says James Morris, an internet commentator based in Bangkok.

One in ten Thai women use dating sites and TLL

Recent surveys on the use of the internet and dating sites in Thailand show that one in ten Thai women is now a regular user on an intentional Thai dating site. This may not seem abnormal but one must consider the society in Thailand. 'Everyone associates Thailand with the sex industry, sunshine holidays and maybe of late, the political tensions. The fact is that Thailand is quite a patriarchal society and the internet has been a great tool for Thai women to find a way forward,' says Carla Boonkong.

In 2012 a survey by The Nation newspaper in Thailand found that Thai women were ahead of their male counterparts in making use of the internet. It's startling claim but TLL claims that since 2007, up to 10% of all eligible Thai women using the internet have been TLL or have been ThaiLoveLines users at some stage. There are currently over 125,000 active dating profiles for Thai woman on TLL seeking love, penpals friendship, short term relationship or long term relationships in Thailand or in foreign countries.

Thai woman networker in Netherlands recommends TLL

Pranom is married to Gerhard and they currently live in Amsterdam. She has friendships with Thai women all over the world who have meet husbands or long term partners on TLL. 'I tell anyone I met at home that the answer to find a good foreign husband or boyfriend is to use the internet and ThaiLovelines, it is also very good to have a friend to help the Thai woman find a way online. Now I have friends all over the world. Last year I was a guest visitor Thai women in Stockholm in Sweden and I have many friends in America. Before I met my husband I had many problems. It was TLL that found the answer for me, surely.'

Modern trends mean TLL has the answer

'It's a strange phenomenon but right now worldwide there are many single or divorced foreigners and at the same time there are many Thai women looking for a new life and who seem to want to explore different relationships or foreign relationships. I have been reporting this for a quite a while, there is a growing trend for foreigners also to move to Thailand, it's part of globalisation really,' says James Morris. 'TLL has played a key role on this process and has found a place. In years to some there will be hundreds of thousands of people with Thai blood living all over the world.'

TLL is a mainstream dating and social network site

ThaiLoveLines is also a mainstream dating site used by Thai singles from all different backgrounds seeking love at home. 'This is very important for us, we are certainly not some sort of Thai marriage agency or anything like that, TLL is broadening its services as the social network platform for Thais seeking love and friendship to successful find what they want,' says June Theepsawang, Brand Manager for ThaiLoveLines in Bangkok. ThaiLoveLines features a social network tie up with Bangkok based internet radio station providing music, enteratinment and international news to TLL users who are dating online. 'Yes it is true that TLL has an international outlook, that's what Thai people like today.'

Expat is a regular on TLL

'I used TLL as my link to friends in Thailand, I've been using it since 2009 and I regularly meet up with some of the Thai girls online,' says Stuart Forster who lives in Jomtien Beach in Pattaya in Thailand. 'I've been in Thailand for over fifteen years and I meet all sorts on TLL, I sometimes use other dating sites and Facebook but TLL is my favorite site for meeting friends. In Thailand, living as an expat means having a good routine, there's a right way and wrong to do everything and this Thai dating site works for me and I stick with it.'

Positive dating experience on ThaiLoveLines

In annual surveys on Thailand's leading dating site over 61% of new users reported a positive dating experience or some level of success in finding love and friends in Thailand. 'I can't put finger on it but TLL has knack or there something about the interaction that helps to bring people together, for me it's friendly and safe,' says Stuart.

TLL as founded in 2007 and has become Thailand's leading dating site with a wide range of communications tools and devices for men and women seeking love in Thailand. It continues to grow and develop from its headquarters in the Muang Thong Thani complex on the outskirts of Bangkok. is Thailand’s biggest internet dating site with over 355,000 members and growing rapidly …Begin your search for a Thai girlfriend, wife or partner here.

TLL - Thai Dating that works!
TLL has created thousands of new relationships and love matches since its launch in 2007. Now ThaiLoveLines is adapting to an even bigger dating market in Thailand where the internet keeps getting bigger and bigger.
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